The Killing HUNTER looking for Members on PS4

Hi guys we The killing HUNTERS are looking for two active players. Our requirements are min.300k gold and min. 200 trophies. We are world wide on Rank 26 and we would be very happy to have a competitor who has interesse please contact us

Hallo Leute wir The killing HUNTERS suchen zwei aktive spieler. Unsere anforderungen sind min.300k gold und min. 200 trophys. Wir sind welt weit auf Rank 26 und würden uns sehr um mitstreiter freuen wer interesse hat melde sich bitte

We wann join asap - Player Gabamama Level 1383

Yes, very much like to have a free space then need your invite cod then I can invite you

Ja sehr gerne wir haben einen Platz frei brauche dann nur euren einladecod

Are you still recruiting and how does the guild do on the gold tasks?

We got one free space the requests are 1.3mio Gold 1000 Throphys and all Events

Is there a specific level req?

Not really what is your level

Level 441 - I just checked. I’m also starting to realize how hard being at a fairly low level still makes finding a good guild XD. So, I am willing to be a bit flexible and push myself a little to a higher weekly gold amount as long as this guild can get to legendary tasks and perhaps even push through some.

I can also share with you my collection of troops if you’d like so you know what I am working with right now during GWs/ events :slight_smile:

Can you speak German my Boyfriend can talk English. Headset is on start from you for Party. We can help you. It’s easy er to speek

I can’t speak German and sorry, I won’t have access to my PS4 system till about an hour and a half from now.

What’s your name on the ps4 then I’ll send you a friend request


Send me a friend request bvbbunnyVanni89

Ok, I see we’re friends on the PS now!

Are you still there? I didn’t hear from you yet on PS4 chat