The Iron Paw - Recruitment

Hello all, I am Professor Kitty. My level is around 750 and mostly have every troop up high enough for 5 star standard. Unfortunately the last guild I was in had a run down due to some arguements and leadership change. So… I was thinking of creating my own to see if I have what it takes to be a guild leader. Right now, I’m looking for some reliable players to help raise this new guild to something decent. Have a little fun on the way and such. I could create a discord channel to make it easier to chat and help other members with questions or build recommendations.

Here will be the weekly requirements:

  • Mainly be active since it is a new guild

Though if you enjoy playing this game and have the time, by all means you can put extra in. Since I be doing the same on some days. (work is such a drag)

Anyway, if your interested to join then simply message me with your invite code and ill add you in.

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Hi, i just want to say congrats on starting your own guild! I had a very similar experience and started my own guild and now we are firing on all cylinders but it was hard at times in the beginning.

So dont get discouraged if times get rough for a bit (and hopefully they dont) and keep at it and you should be sucessful☺

Best of luck🍀

Thank you for the kind boost of morale and hopefully things do pick up a bit.