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The Hawks casual guild is Recruiting 3 open Slots Lev 50+ welcome. All Events Wir suchen noch Mitspieler alle ab Level 50+ sind willkommen Team Synergy Achivement

The Hawks casual guild is Recruiting we have 3 Slots left. All 40+ levels welcome
Just help the guild to progress.
We try to get the team Synergy achivement.

You can send me your Invite Code and i will invite you to our guild.

What do I get for joining or being part of the guild

You will get some bonuses (Elemental Mastery and some other things)
and gifts if the guild tasks are finished. (Souls, keys…)

Hi we have startet the Guild war at the moment we are winning each day. If you are looking for a active growing guild this is your chance. Just help with the guild tasks, guild seals and in the guild war what ever is possible for you.

He we do Boss Raids and all the other new guild tasks.

We are searching new guild members 4 slots open. Wir suchen noch Mitspieler und haben 4 freie Plätze

Any slots still open?

we have 3 slots open