The hardest commons to pull

My experience is that Rock Worms and Goblins is the hardest commons to pull.

What is your experience?

My experience is that it’s all RNG, no real variation between them in the long term… Though I really wish that Goblins (of all types) were rarer than Sheggra…

Perhaps you’re particularly noting that those are harder to get because they are the ones you actually want…

No, ure wrong there mister, I opened up tons of golden chests, so I have a statestic, I have got 40 more skeleton than Rockworms and Goblins.

To be more exact. My Skeleton is now Legendary and I have 20 extras. Rockworms and Goblins is still Epic and they are 20 ascensions away to be Legendary.

It’s pure random chance. Your “statistic” is flawed.

Why should I believe that it is pure random when I got 40 more skeletons than rockworms/goblins? Sure its random, but I believe some commons is rarer to pull than other commons.

I would agree fully to cards being random. The difference between my commons for drop rates is fifty cards with Ghoul and Fortress gate as the higher number, and Reavers and Peasants being at the lower end. Goblin and Rock Worm are at the higher end of the spectrum.
If any card is to be made rarer, I doubt the Dev’s would be insisting it was a common troop players should get less of.

I’ve opened, probably 10,000 gold keys working to ascend all my commons. My rockworms are myhtic, with 30 extra, my skeleton if 7 short of mythic.

I’m too lazy to get a count of all my commons and look at their distribution, but once I hit the point where the commons started to hit mythic state, they have been hitting it within around 1,000 gold key.

In a 50 pack of gold keys, sometimes I will get 3 of a common, or 0 of a common.

So I don’t think there is a distribution like the Magic the Gathering sets that had c1, c2, and c3, where the common 1’s were more rare than many uncommons.

In mathematics and statistic analysis, the sample size is vitally important. You simply haven’t opened enough Chests @eika86.

To accurately judge drop rates in a game like this, you would need a minimum of 5,000. I’d personally shoot for 10,000.

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I just checked the chest data. I can assure you the Goblin and Rockworm have the same chance as a Skeleton to appear in chests. It really just comes down to luck.

Thanks for all your replies, you have changed my mind! :slightly_smiling:

Small sample size, I guess…

I quite clearly remember when I was about 530 levels lower than I am now, that the goblin was actually in the chest that I opened with my very first iron key. Which made it my favourite troop immediately, 'cause it’s cheap, direct damage with an extra turn as bonus. Needless to say it was the first troop I levelled to the maxumum level and I used it all the way up to level 100 with great success… :slightly_smiling:

Very nice. :slightly_smiling: