The Guild of Rocks Rank 9 has 2 positions for LV1000+ players

The Guild of Rocks is recruiting high level daily players above level 1000 who enjoy the game. We are currently rank 9 in trophies and bracket 2 in Guild Wars, ranked 13. We are a friendly and helpful guild of international people and do a lot of team strategizing for PVP & GW, posting good attack and defend teams .

We finish 40k seals and 5-8 Legendary Tasks. On Raid, Invasion, Tower of Doom we are getting all stages complete for rewards.

Our requirements are 250 trophies, 1500 seals, 700k gold, Guild Wars with sentinels level 5 and a minimum score of 4,500, all events. 150 Invasion Towers, 25 Dooms. Contact gamertag Queen Syn D or melodie rock on Xbox live. Come and join the Rocks

Still looking for 2

Looking for 2-3 dedicated players who don’t mind doing the minimum requirements each week and work together as a team to build a strong guild and have fun