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The Guild of Rocks (rank 7) recruiting members

The Guild of Rocks is searching for members above level 1200, Guild Wars bracket 1. Requirements are 750k gold, 200 trophies, 1500 seals, 1.7 mil gold for Guild Wars week, Guild Wars with sentinels level 5 on Monday, all events. 150 Towers, 15,000 points in Raids, 30 Dooms. All Event Rewards are completed weekly as well as Guild Seals to level 6. Come and join the Rocks and share in all aspects of the game. Contact Queen Syn D at gamer tag on Xbox live.

Still looking for 2 new members

We have 2 openings left to fill. Contact us at the following gamer tags Queen Syn D or Guild Master melodie rock. We are multi-national with players from France, Germany, England and the US. Come and join us to explore all aspects of the game

We are moving into bracket 1, finally! But sadly we are losing one of our players. We are looking for the perfect fit. Someone who loves the game and working together on strategies and friendships. Our number one requirement is respect for other players and other guilds. If this sounds like a guild that’s right for you and you can meet our minimum requirements message melodie rock gamertag or reply to this post. Thank you and have a great game!

We are still looking for an active member. Contact Queen Syn D or melodie rock gamer tag on Xbox live.

We currently have 2 openings for dedicated players to join our family

We are looking for 1 or 2 active players. All Guild tasks are completed Mondays and all Event Rewards are completed by Thursday. Come and join us if you are interested in working together to achieve goals and for friendship

Hi I just recently started gems of war in the Xbox I’m level 97 I have another account on Android it’s level 1078 so I’m familiar with the game and how to be a contributing member but I’m just looking for a good active guild to get me set up so I can grow quickly would u be interested in having me?

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We have a minimum requirement of level 1000, 250 trophies, 1500 seals, 700k gold, Guild Wars with sentinels level 5 on Monday, all events. 150 Towers, 15,000 points in Raids, 25 Dooms. For now your level is too low. I’m sorry. Good luck and I hope you find a guild

We do have a sister guild that can take you though. If you give me your invite code you can join and see if you like it

Our Guild Master is melodie rock. He would like your invite code and his wife would like to know if you would like to join her guild on mobile. His gamertag on Xbox is melodie rock and mine is Queen Syn D. Contact either of us and we can get you in

Looking for 1 or 2 players who actively participate in Guild Wars and all events. Message melodie rock gamertag on Xbox or Queen Syn D.
This week we gpt 2 Mythics from Guild Tasks, War and The Possessed King along with several legendaries

We currently have 1 opening for a dedicated player. French and English are the main languages but all are welcome. Contact gamertag melodie rock on Xbox

We have 2 spots open

Due to real life responsibilities we have had 2 members step away from the game. We are currently rank 7 in Guild wars, Bracket 1 and rank 7 in trophies. If you are a dedicated player and like to share your knowledge of the game and team building come and join us. Contact our guild master at gamer tag melodie rock for French or English or me at Queen Syn D for English but all nationalities are welcome. Thank you and have a great game

We currently have an opening for a dedicated player who likes to share. We are an international guild and place respect and friendship above all else. Contact melodie rock or Queen Syn D on Xbox Live for more information. Thanks

We are looking for 2 or 3 strong players who understand the strategy of the game and love to share with the guild. Contact gamertag melodie rock on xbox live or Queen Syn D. We are currently 7th in Guild Wars and Rank 7 in trophies. Come and join us

We are looking for 2 players who love to share all aspects of the game and want to have fun. Minimum requirements are in the title. Please contact me at gamer tag Queen Syn D

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We have a few openings coming up after Guild Wars for serious players. Please contact me for details on joining. Thanks

WE have 2 open spots