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The Guild DarkAlliance Rank 12 is still looking for active reinforcement on Xbox

If you are a daily high leveled Gemmer around 1k+ and looking for like-minded people you are in good hands with us.
We want to reach the top ten in the near future and are looking for energetic support.
Together we complete 15-20 legendary tasks per week. And also by more often and longer playing members the chances increase for a pet rescue.

Our requirements for a week:

  • 400k Gold
  • 350 trophies
  • fast obtaining of the 1500 guild seals as possible
  • of course participation in events that affect the guild such as boss, invasion and Guild Wars
  • Communication should also be possible if necessary

If you are interested or need more information, just write directly to the Gamertag “QueenoflheDamned” (please note the uppercase and lowercase letters like the low “L” in “oflhe”)
or sign up for our group search via the game hub on Xbox.