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The Guide of Guilds

Hello dear fellow players!

This guide is here to teach you the basics about guilds.

Alright, so you’ve started playing the game, you think it’s nice, and the Guild icon on the top left corner of the screen keeps nagging you. Time to see what this is all about!

(Note: the devs have planned some updates for the guilds, so this guide might be outdated in a while.)

What are guilds and what are they for?

Guilds are, classically, a group of players who joined together in order to gain advantages through common goals.

In GoW, guild members benefit from several advantages:

  • Better daily bonuses – the higher the guild rank, the bigger the daily gold bonus will be!
  • Extra mastery levels – they add to your current hero masteries, increasing your mana surge chances (although it should be noted that it won’t unlock any new weapon)
  • Extra resources through guild tasks – I’ll get into more details on these later on

Ok, got it, so how do I join a guild?

There are two ways to join a guild at the moment:

  • You hop into the “Guild” tab and pick whichever suits your fancy
  • You enter a guild through the invite system, that is, you are being offered a place by a guild member.

Please note that the invite option only works if you are CURRENTLY guild-less. Which means you need to leave your current guild in order to be able to receive an invitation to your new guild.

The easiest way to join a friendly guild is probably to peruse the forums and see what will fit your need. Most guild have requirements, and it’s a bit sad to be kicked out of a random guild because you didn’t know beforehand what they were expecting from you. Discussing the guild requirement with its members before joining might give you a good idea of what to expect, and you might even make friends in the process! ^^

I’m in! Explain to me what all these icons are!

The Guild Overview allows you to access all of the guild functionalities.

The number of tokens on the top lefti ndicates, well, how many tokens the guild currently has. ^^ Tokens are granted through completing tasks (see further) and used to increase masteries.

This is the basic overview, containing all elemental informations. (And yes, I am in a small guild of IRL friends and family, don’t make fun of me! ^^)

The League icon will bring you to the following menu:

This menu shows you the league place, the number of trophies won, as well as your guild rank and the bonus daily gold it confers.

The roster icon brings you to the line-up of your fellow members and all kind of useful informations about them. By default, it shows up everyone’s rank within the guild.

The PvP icon brings you the current PvP rank of that player:

The Trophies icon shows how many trophies the player has given the guild since their joining:

The Gold icon shows how much the player has contributed to the guild since their joining:

The Progress icon tells how many kingdoms and unique troops this player currently has:

The Login icon lets you know when the player logged in for the last time:

Then we get to the Tasks icon, probably the one you’re going to click on the most! ^^

This is where all the current guild tasks are shown.

You can give money in increments of 100 / 500 / 1000 / 5000 gold. Every task you complete gives experience to your guild, all members can (and should!) contribute, and all members will get the benefit of a completed tasks, regardless of their contribution to said task.

By default, all tasks grant tokens. Some tasks will also grant gems, treasure maps, iron keys or souls. The number given is the same for all members. In the above example, it means that all the guild member will receive two treasure maps, no matter what their actual contribution was. Check with your guild members what tasks you should be focusing on.

The bonus icon shows what mastery bonuses your guild is granting you.

You can see how many tokens are needed for the next upgrade, how many tokens the guild currently has, and how high the mastery bonuses are. For more info on masteries, please refer to my Guide on Masteries and Mana Surge Chance.

The Activity icon is where all the discussions happen! ^^

At the top, you’ll see the newest guild announcement.

At the very bottom, you can type text to send it to your fellow members. You cannot currently send private messages, so beware that everyone can read them! ^^

In the middle, you’ll find any relevant information: texts from the other members, trophies they won or lost, guild updates (like mastery increases and task contributions). This is where you can discuss with the other players, ask questions and help the newbies. :blush:

The Manage icon is where you can make basic guild leading decisions.

From there, you can change the guild banner, the flavour text, the rank designations, invite new members, or even disband the guild, provided you have the permissions to do so.

I think this is a pretty exhaustive overview of the guild system, but please let me know if I forgot anything!


It is not logged in for the last time. It’s the last time was in the battle.
Sorry for my English.

Great work! :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles:

Update 29/10/2015 for the 1.0.7 patch!

For some reason I can’t seem able to edit the post, so here you’ll fin the new info about the guild.

The guild tab can now be found on the bottom right of the screen:

The activity tab has been replaced by the chat tab:

The Chat tab gives you access to both the guild chat and the activity log, which you’ll both find on the top right corner of the tab.

The chat tab is, well, the chat! That’s where people can discuss all kind of subjects with their fellow guild members:

The activity tab shows you who has been doing what recently (defends / invades / arenas):

If I figure out why the edit button disappeared, I’ll move the new infos to the original guide!

And as usual, let me know if you need a more detailed guide!

What happens if a guild leader leaves?

If memory serves, the guild leader has to promote another member to guild leader before they can leave. Once someone else is in charge, the former leader can leave just like anybody else. If the leader is the only member of the guild, they can just disband it.

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Thanks. I did try to promote my other half but it said that the next rank was full! It was me, the one and only guild leader. It’s a bit confusing. I’ve had a few new members, but most have donated 100 gold to a task or two so I gave them a few days to see what happened, let them have a few task rewards then booted them out.

Not true. The GM can just demote him/herself and leave without appointing the next GM.

Any rank 2 member can the promote someone to be GM after that.

Not sure what happens if there are no rank 2 members to do so.

Raise a ticket with a dev I suppose.