The GOW Guild is looking for new member (Nintendo Switch)

The “GOW” Guild is looking for highly active members.
Our guild is the highest level guild (currently 405) in Nintendo Switch.
We have 40+ legendary tasks every week. And all guild event rewards can be completed on Friday.
Our weekly requirement is 1200k gold, 1500 seals, 0 trophies, fair points on guild events, and fully active in guild war.
We spent 2 months upgrading to BK1 and got top 1 at guild war three times.
6.24-7.1 (rank 1, +387 points)
7.15-7.22 (rank 1, +42.53k points)
8.19-8.26 (rank 1, +73.83k points)
9.16-9.22 (rank 2, -3230 points)
10.14-10.20 (rank1, +30.666k points)
11.11-11.17(rank2, -17.027k points)
12.09-12.16 (rank1, +90,46k points)
And our sister guild “xenoblade” is also a high-level guild and expected to upgrade to bracket 1 soon.
Their weekly requirement is 400k gold, 1500 seals, 0 trophies. You can upgrade to GOW, when we have an empty slot, if you a highly active member.

We are waiting for new active member fighting together with us for the next guild war.
If you are interested in joining our guild, please leave messages below.
Or you can PM me on Discord Alice Tong#0926

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Updated on 22/07.

And here is our latest guild war points.

updated on 12/08

updated on 26/08.

updated on 23/09.
We have 2 slots available in GOW and 2 or 3 slots available in Xenoblade.

updated on 21/12.
Here is our latest guild war result.
Preparing for 4.7, we are going to raise gold requirements in a few weeks.