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The GoW Fantasy Series: Search for a Deputy Commissioner

The Fantasy Series has been a massive success, and while I never intended it to be, the need for “staff” has arisen.

We have a Graphic Editor and a Media Manager assigned, but the most important role that needs to be filled lays vacant.

If you are interested, please read the “job posting” below and apply!




  • Access will be given to the Draft spreadsheet and the Deputy Commissioner can make changes to it as the Draft progresses
  • Enforce Guidelines and Rules
  • Maintain an unbiased position in public threads, and ensure a fair and balanced Competition
  • Act on the Commissioner’s behalf when the Commissioner is unavailable or not online


  • Due to the nature of the position, the Deputy Commissioner cannot participate in the Fantasy Series
  • The Deputy Commissioner may not create new, or change existing, Guidelines and Rules. However, they may enact whatever measures needed to fulfill his/her Responsibilities
  • The Deputy Commissioner may not direct the Media Manager or Graphic Editor on any essential duties, unless it is to enforce his/her Responsibilities.


  • Being a “Regular” on the Forum. Though not a hard requirement, preference will be giving to those who have reached this Trust level.
  • Proficient in spreadsheets (Excel, Google Spreadsheets) is required, any other technical experience is an asset
  • Deep knowledge of all aspects of GoW, this is required.
  • Familiarity with the GoW Fantasy Series or with other Fantasy Drafts
  • Personality must adhere to; fair, unbiased and compromising


Yeah I believe I already put forth my interest. :smiley: Should be far less stressful.


Illuminati seal. Illuminati confirmed.

It’s an All-seeing eye.

Leave being nuts with the squirrel!


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I’m just a “member” right now, but I am intrested, I am proficient with MS Excel as well

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