The GoW Fantasy Series: Saga in the Games

Due to popular demand I will keep a thread for the saga unfolding in the Series

All content, unless otherwise noted, is original content by @TaliaParks and may not be canon to the story. All non-canon stories are added as “flavour” and can be treated as B-stories to the main story.

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This is going to be very good.

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(Written by @Shiratori)

Luther gazed upon the trophy I carried as he approached. “I see you
have won young one, even without my assistance.” He still seemed a
little annoyed that I had passed on him.

“It was fun. So much so that I entered the next one. Even get to pick first this time, with no restrictions.”

His eyes lit up a bit. “So you had me come to you here in Zaejin to welcome me to the team?”

“Of course, well, maybe. Not exactly, we’ll have to see, but I am
here definitely for a pick and I thought you could help me with that.”

Luther’s eyes narrowed. “Really? We’re here to pick a Goblin first overall?”

“Well, I have a plan. Some deals cooking.”

“But Goblins? Look at them.”

Peering off at the nearby tribe, the scene was madness. Goblins and
Hobgoblins were fighting with each other, both attempting to show their
superiority. Meanwhile, one riding on a boar collided with another on a
rocket to see just how big of an explosion they could create.

“They don’t look as strong as they use to.”

“Nonsense Luther. Look at them. No one will stand a chance. They
will just keep coming without anyone being able to get an attack in.
The chaos, the madness, the… wait a minute.” A raven landed on my
shoulder carrying a message.

“What does it say?” Luther asked, growing a little tense over the carnage that was slowly moving closer.

“Oh. Hrm. Looks like my deal fell through and I won’t be able to
grab the team in 1 shot. Looks I can only get 1 instead. Oh well, Plan

The goblin tribe stopped their fighting and looked hungrily at us. Dinner was on their mind.


“While I wish I weren’t ‘Plan B’ especially to a disappointed and angry goblin…”

“No, just hold my trophy here.” I pulled out a tome, modified from its original form.

“What is that?”

“Daemonomicon version 2.0.16.” Upon reading the passage, the ground
exploded, blowing up the tribe and scattering them as far as Broken

Luther looked shocked. “And what was THAT?”

I calmly put the book away as a massive figure arose from the blast. “Doomstones. Worked before, might as well do it again.”

Hello Gorgotha.


A mysterious cloaked figure is seen sneaking into the Series lodgings.

It creeps down the dimly-lit halls and stops at a door marked “@Studs” and with a wave if it’s hand, the enchanted lock on the door unlatches and the door silently opens.

The cloaked figure enters the room and glares at the sleeping silhouette before removing a pendant from it’s cloak.

It places the pendant in the boot of @Studs and retreats into the shadows.

In the distance, the inhabitants of the lodging hear the easily-recognizable screech of an approaching Bone Dragon!


(Written by @Royalty)

After much swearing at the table, it was eventually Goblin Shaman who
talked everybody over to choose the daemon from Darkstone…

a pause so that everybody can guess who i am talking about

yep that’s right, with our first pick, the people from Zaejin are proud to select:



(Written by @Machiknight)

I found the one called “The Commish”. He seemed
an enlightened being and offered to assist me with my reservations about
the arena and her legendary games. It was an eye opening experience. It
seems the arena has been used for more than just bloodthirsty sport.
Many groups have used it as a mean to settle grievances that might
otherwise end up in a bloody warfare.

There is more than just open violence as well. The team leaders
employ strong tactics in the combat and in the decision on who to field
before combat even begins. Truly this ignites my wonder. Many of the
combatants are considered heroes by the populace with accolades showered
down upon them. Even some lowly goblins were celebrated upon their
victory. This place has truly shown me that these cultures can survive,
and even thrive together.

The Commish had heard of me and my doings in Krystara, he thinks I
would be a good fit for the Legendary games and has offered me a spot in
them albeit I will be one of the last so my selection of combatants
might be somewhat small.

I can feel it stirring within me, I may have found another source of
inspiration for my long life. My Lady was right to send me here, as she
has been right so many times before.


(Written by @DonBoba)

I approached Dryad, she looked at me and I could see by her face that she was intrigued by this.
“You. You will be my story character.”
“May I ask why?” She smiled.
“Because of obvious reasons of course.”
“You prefer busty chicks instead of Luther?”
“Yes Dryad. But you will have to excuse me, because it’s not your time to be picked”
She seemed surprised,“Then who will it. .” But before she could
complete her question she noticed something big started diving from the
sky directly to our location. “What is it”, she asked frightened, “Is it
a bird? Is it a plane?”
“Don’t be sillly little Dryad, we don’t have plains in this game (yet!?!). It’s a dragon!”
“Ow a dragon, I heard they are the strongest creatures in Krystara”
“Yes they are little dryad”
“But won’t that dragon hurt himself when falling with such high speed”
“Oh don’t worry about her”, I responded, “CELESTASIA has a divine shield which protects her from damage”
And then the ground around us shaken as Celestasia landed right next to me.
“Oh she’s so pretty” Dryad was very amused." Can we keep her?"
“We will keep her”


At the daily feast the competitors enjoy, the cloaked figure is seen standing silently by, nobody seemingly noticing it.

As the competitors have their fill and start to congregate, @Grimmorith wanders off and is seen exchanging a few words with the cloaked figure, then the figure hands @Grimmorith a ring and disappears back into the shadows.

@Grimmorith falls ill shortly after and retires to his room. However, several minutes later he returns, wearing the ring and a glazed look in his eyes.

“I have summoned the Knight Coronet

With that straight-forward comment, @Grimmorith turns and again leaves the banquet hall.

(Written by @actreal)

Actreal wanders into the tournament arena, fresh Pridelands dust still clinging to his cloak.

He appears to be alone, however, causing the others gathered to frown in puzzlement.

At last, one asks “Are you making your first choice?”

Actreal replies, “Oh, my first choice has been here all along.”

The gathered combatants do not understand, until one notices the smallest movement and glint of golden eyes in the shadows…

…it’s the Raksha princess, the silent slayer, Shadow Hunter!


After the first day of festivities the competitors retire to their rooms for much-needed rest.

@Bobomb thrashes wildly in his sleep, haunted by a strange nightmare. He’s in a dark forest, covered in a dense fog with a heavenly woman’s voice whispering from beyond the trees. @Bobomb tries in vain to follow the voice but eventually collapses from exhaustion. As his vision begins to fade as he awakens, he makes out a humanoid figure but without much detail.

@Bobomb sits up with a dash, drenched in sweat and with a glowing green jewel in his hands. He knows not where it came from, nor how he acquired it, but he greedily stashes it in his travel bag and lies back down to sleep.

Outside the compound, the Green Seer emerges from the surrounding forest, drawn to the power of the jewel…

(Written by @Zelfore)

It was an unforeseen fear. Warranted, but never suspected in the slightest.

It started in the holy kingdom, Whitehelm. The one known as
Zelfore walked into the city of purity and glanced every which way. As
they approached the center they once again stopped to take in the
surroundings, keeping a watchful eye out for their target.

Zelfore entered the grand cathedral, all eyes within casting
their gaze to the intruder. Some sensed within him a dark intent, but
kept silent as he was one to have recovered their fair kingdom in the
past. This did not stop them from keeping a close eye however.

Zelfore walked up to the podium, before dropping to their knees
and offering a swift prayer, a request, you could say. From the faint
light casting behind stained glass, a being materialized before the
podium, wings spread wide and proud. She uttered but two words, “I
accept your request.”

Mercy has joined the party!


(Written by @Zelfore)

Zelfore and Mercy travelled far, to the hellish landscapes
ventured only by the blighted ones. Zelfore had a goal and required
Mercy’s assistance to remain strong in these lands. Trough fire and
brimstone they traveled to reach a temple, one if seen in any other
kingdom would be thought abandoned. Cracks in the walls large enough to
vault, rampant deathweed grew along the stone bricks, capturing nearly
the entire place in it’s vice grip. It was a temple fit for the vile
fiend lurking inside.

They entered the temple and swiftly a wave of chaos attacked
Zelfore thoughts, memories of their torment and misdeeds struck, cycling
like a sped-up loop of torture. Mercy caught on quick and began to
chant holy scripts to help regain control. Zelfore slowly steadied them
self and offered a silent thanks to the angel.

They proceeded further until entering a throne room littered with
soot and sulfur spanning it’s entirety. At the end of the room sat a
dark figure giving off a crimson glow. “What brings you here, oh Hero?”
He spoke with thick sarcastic interest.

“I wish to enlist your services.” Zelfore spoke up, standing strong against the abysmal stench.

“I why would I assist the one who not only cast me from rule, but
has also aligned themselves with divine being hailing from the very
same land?” He spoke smoothly, well expected of such a powerful daemon.

“Because,” I reached into travel sack, “the reward is to both of
our advantages.” An unrolled flyer displaying the Arcane Traitstones was
presented in both hands.

“Hm…” He weighed the option for a moment, before grinning
devilishly, “Very well, I will accept this challenge. Should we succeed,
I shall assist you in your future endeavors.” he then stood up from his
blackened throne, his voice quickly turned dark, “But should we fail,
I’ll break you myself. Starting with that insane little mind of yours.”

I couldn’t deny my lack of sanity, I did just pair an angel with a daemon. But if things go as planned, this may benefit us all.

Moloch has threatened the party!

(Written by @Machiknight)

Soon it is my turn to choose who will be my team. The commish looks
at me, his eyes questioning. He knows I am interested now. The nemesis
of my lady the Demon Moloch is here in these games as well. I must not
back down now, the honor of Whitehelm is at stake.

I pour through my databanks, reviewing combat after combat, enemy and
friend alike to think of who would be a good fit. There are already so
many powerful beings here, it will be a challenge to come up with
something worthy of the honor of Whitehelm. Then an idea forms, I launch
several driller drones out sending messages, the reply is instantaneous
and positive. Rock Worm and Deep Borer have joined my team!

The competitors are gathered in the compound’s courtyard early in the morning to await instructions on the day’s events.

Despite it being barely past dawn, a few of the competitors notice the sky is still dim, like a dark stormcloud, but there is no cloud in sight. The usually-smoking volcano that is such a signature to Broken Spire lays completely dormant.

“Say @Machiknight, does this land not seem… Kysterian?”, mutters @Tacet.

“The fear of what you are to face clouds your judgment @Tacet, do not try and apply your games of the mind on me.”, @Machiknight responds coldly.

The cloaked figure has been circling the competitors the whole time, but not one has noticed it. Suddenly, a familiar presence is felt by the figure and it rushes towards the doorway back into the compound, brushing by @yonizaf.

@yonizaf recoils, having felt like someone touched his shoulder, but nobody is within reach. The cloaked figure notices this, grabs an amulet around it’s neck and vanishes without a trace.

The Commissioner and her assistant then arrive and the competitors turn to pay attention to the day’s instructions…


(Written by @PowerPlay)

Now is the time for Power to take a legendary, and the one he had mulled
over just moments before. Power Play commands Sheggra to join his
ranks, confident the red gem-to-skull monster can help with skull damage
generation. Herdmaster looks surprised at this, unsure of where Power
wants this to go direction-wise. However, Herdmaster trusts Power knows
what he wants… he thinks. He leaves the commish to announce the next

(Written by @Machiknight)

I noticed right away of course. Barometric
pressure, temperature, altitude, everything was different. I wasn’t
quite sure what was going on, but I knew we were no longer at the spire.
This must have something to do with the games, some way of reigning in
the disastrous calamity that all of the powerful beings together could

The Commish, he would be the one to know what was going on. I would
have to find him, and get my questions answered. Another issue nagged at
me as well. This hooded figure appearing throughout the periphery of my
sightorbs. I could never really get a good look at it, but it had a
vested interest in all of us. Perhaps there is a danger here. But what
would be foolish enough to attempt harm with the might of every living
thing here?

Trailing behind the Green Seer is a hideous beast. An arachnid of huge proportions, an Ultra-Rare Giant Spider.

The power of the mysterious green jewel is particularly strong and might be a clue to these strange sightings and happenings.

The Commissioner speaks the gathering in the courtyard,

“Competitors, take heed and venture forth not blindly, but with the knowledge that although a competition of combat, it is your mind that will lead you to Glory”

(Written by @actreal)

The hunter-from-shadows wields no magic but her own blade, so it
appears Actreal will need to apply his own sorcerous skills, hard-won in
the caverns of Karakoth.

To those who have returned to the Arena from the previous tournament,
the pentagram he sketches on the earth seems familiar. Amongst many
daemonic sigils, the watchers see at each point a symbol of powerful
magic: the waves of Anu, leaves of Yasmine, flames of Gard, pentact of
Stonehammer and sunburst of Orpheus; at its centre, the crescent of

The familiarity becomes clear to all as the pentacle smokes black and
then glowing green. From the cloying cloud, emerald tentacles reach
forth, suckling at the earth around the daemonic design, straining to
haul from another plane… Green Slime!


The Commissioner’s cryptic instructions swam through @Grimmorith’s mind.

“I must consult my companion”, he thought as he rushed to his quarters.

He enters his room to the familiar sight of Druid calibrating his weapons.

“I have news.”, explains @Grimmorith before being interrupted by Druid.

“That can wait my friend, you are in danger. In fact, we all are. Have you noticed the figure in the dark cloak?”

The mysterious cloaked figure reappears in a dense swath of trees, deep in the heart of the Forest of Thorns.

“Your service is commanded your Highness”, the figures speaks with a booming voice.

“Who dares speak to the King of the Forest like that?”, responds Gloom Leaf. The massive treant turns to face the figure, “I will… oh,… the one banished from the highest Kingdom.”

A towering flame shoots from the cloaked figure’s fingertips, striking Gloom Leaf in, not a particularly damaging way, but the pain shakes him .

“Speak to me that way again and your realm will be known as the Forest of Ashes.”, bellows the cloaked figure. “Go forth and serve @Royalty as so many serve you.”

With those icy words and a small caress of the amulet, the cloaked figure vanishes once again.

(Written by @killerman3333)

I needed to find tyri if i was going to make her a good girl however i
needed help. I figured mercy could help me search for her through the
skies but she was preoccupied. Then i figured that green slime could
help me by multiplying to spread out and search for her. Even the giant
spider could not use its webs to locate her for it too was busy. The
green seer had other business and the paladin was working on some
heavenly work. The hooded figure seems to be preventing me from
obtaining my prize of obtaining tyri by even bothering treant and gloom
leaf. I used magic to contact bone dragon but he told me he could not
help as she was not dead or dieing and he had to help a “friend.” I
prayed to the valkyrie but she would not answer so i guess it is time to
give up on reforming her. This hooded figure must be her brother as he
likes to protect her from the shadows. I guess I should get some meat
and bring it to the black beast so that he stops bothering the goblins.
As i approach the black beast sleeps and i approach the King and plead
for aid. “King i am after a theif whom we both have issue. If you give
me aid I can secure our quarry. I will only need the assistance of
Goblin Shaman to predict her moves”

(Written by @killerman3333)

As i traveled with goblin shaman she told me about what she could see.
Something was weird about tyri, she was not stealing to get rich but to
secure funds for something. Wait could it be her father?!
The shaman
said that she heard a rumor that tyri’s father had dissipated after her
mother got sacrificed in whitehelm to an a cult of people. I then
noticed someone following. I tackled the figure and it was Hobgoblin.
“what are you doing here my husband?” said the shaman.
“Husband?!” i exclaimed.
heard from the king that you would help catch the thief and it worried
me cause i could not let my wife be harmed by that fahrbot, fekkik
woman” he spat with jealousy. “I guess you can join us in our search but
do not let your feelings for your wife cloud your judgement.” i sighed.


The cloaked figure re-materializes in the quarters of @Grimmorith, somewhere it did not plan for. It glances at it’s amulet, which is now faded from it’s usual glowing nature.

“I am the one who brought you here my sibling.”, speaks a voice from a dark corner.

The cloaked figure freezes in terror at the familiar voice, the voice
that belongs to the presence the figure has been actively avoiding.

“I wanted to wait, but if you want confrontation, then I am
prepared.”, the cloaked figure speaks, with a small shake in it’s voice.
The unseen individual smiles ever so slightly, recognizing the fear in
the cloaked figure’s voice. As the unseen individual raises it’s hand
the door to @Grimmorith quarters bursts open.

Standing there, in full combat prepardness, is the Templar.

“My Liege! Intruders!”, shouts Templar, as he turns to vanquish the interlopers in his Master’s quarters.

He turns to an empty room, the voices now silent and no trace of any trouble.

The Competitors had an exhaustive, event-filled day. Personal
contests of superiority took place between the Competitors such as
Archery, Scouting, War Tactics and even a Tug-O’-War.

As they returned to the main compound and gathered in the vast banquet hall for the Mid-day feast, @yonizaf is stopped by a servant.

“Sir, you have a visitor whom requested your presence in the gallery.”

Visibly shaken and without a pause for a response from @yonizaf, the servant turns and retires to another side room. @yonizaf procedes into the gallery and comes face to face with the infamous Keeper of Souls!

“I pledge my abilities to your cause, your dedication to Death has earned my respect mortal.”

“My brother knows I am here, but not why I have come.”, thought the cloaked figure as drops a rune-covered coin into the empty mud-covered boot of @actreal, laying outside his quarters.

@actreal returns from the Mid-day feast and jumps back into his gear, boots and
all, slamming his already sore heel into the coin. With a shout of pain, @actreal quickly removes his foot from his boot and removes the coin.

He examines the coin, never seeing anything like it before. He
returns his foot to his boot and winces in pain, the coin has opened a
bloody wound. There’s even blood on the coin!

@actreal continues outside for the second half of the day’s activities and
tosses the coin off into the courtyard and out of the compound, now
being the last of the Competitors to go and head out of the compound’s
grounds into the great field outside it.

The coin burns and then melts into the grounds into a vast puddle, then reforms into in actual living Chimera!

The competitors gather in a wide circle, with the Commissioner in the middle, to await his instructions.

Suddenly, the sounds of squeals alert everyone to the presence of a rushing Boar Rider!

The Boar Rider weaves through the Competitors as they take wild swings, expertly dodging them. Suddenly, @Bobomb swing up behind the Boar Rider, on top of the boar, as they head towards the compound.

“I take my leave while I discuss compensation with my companion here!”, shouts @Bobomb, as he and the Boar Rider speed off.

“Fancy that, buying the power of the Goblins”, groans @DemonicDraco.

“Big talk from one who had a Goblin flown in by rocket. Was Goblin-by-boar not fast enough?”, quips @Royalty.

The Commissioner sounds a horn and the Competitors turn to receive his instructions…


(Written by @Zelfore)

Zelfore had acquired two mementos to call upon his new allies,
Mercy, and Moloch. With the most difficult part of his journey out of
the way, their next stop awaited in the city of Adana.

The metallic rusted city was not of great appeal to Zelfore,
finding the various contraption strewn through rather crude and
inconvenient in design. Still, there was one ally that would be of much
use within, just now coming upon their oddly scented shop.

The brewery was no pub, but instead a place of concoctions and
unknown ingredients, multi-colored liquids lined the walls with
unintelligible writing describing their names and effects, at least that
what to be assumed considering none but the writer himself could say
which way the notes read.

“Alchemist!” Zelfore bellowed for the potion maker, little patience as the time for battle drew nearer. A sudden boom could be heard from the back.

“Yes, yes! I’m coming, hold your explosions.” The Alchemist cam
forth from the nearby room, covered in ash and a heavily color-stained
robe. “Where do you Heroes learn you manners? Always in such a hurry. I

“Alchemist, I would like you to join me in the upcoming competition.”

The old man started wiping himself with the table rag, “Ah yes, I
heard of this competition. I wondered whether I would be asked to
participate. Not that I minded either way, mind you.” He paused,
finishing his quick clean-up, “I accept your invitation. I’ll go ahead, I
assume you have somewhere else to be.”

“Indeed, I do.” Zelfore exited the shop, needing to make one final stop before his team would be complete.

Alchemist is brewed up for battle!

(Written by @Zelfore)

It was the last hurdle and quite honestly the most beautiful. Zelfore briskly walked into Pan’s Vale to acquire his final ally.

While home to many kinds peaceful creatures, they weren’t ones to back down when threatened. There were plenty of battle ready Fey, some which used their foes strength against them, and others that acted with such speed and grace that few could keep up.

Zelfore listened carefully for the target, drowning out all other noise around them to catch it.

The song.

Rushing to the sound, Zelfore came upon a well-lit meadow, in the center upon a stone sat the Siren.

“And what brings you here, oh traveler?” She spoke without ever turning to face me.

“I know you have not likely heard, as you land is secluded and not one for mindless bloodshed, but there is a competition, a battle to be fought for rewards. I ask that you help me in my venture.”

She sat quietly for a moment, no noise aside from the wind and rustling of leaves could be heard. It reminded me of the last time I’d come here to vanquish the deafened foe. She sat up, the small woodland creatures gathered around her scampering off, “Very well. Let us see where this event may take us.” She turned her head and smirked fiendishly.

Siren has sung her tune!


(Written by @PowerPlay)

Power Play traveled far and wide with Sheggra, Herdmaster and
Banshee, hoping to come across a musician of such renown that his very
tunes turn enemies into shivering masses of blood and flesh. He finds
one such minstrel named Elwyn, who is currently playing a lute version
of Free Bird. The unicorn stands in awe and waits for he performance to
end. After several minutes and over 12,000 gold coins in tips, Power
looks at Elwyn.

“Holy… bucking… hell. I can’t even do that in the game that song
is in but here you are, hitting it note for note! I bow to your prowess
with the lute. I also ask that you join my team. There’s just enough
room for you.”

Elwyn gives the unicorn a headtilt, unsure what to make of this request.

“I’ll also throw in 1,000 gold.”

Elwyn joins Power Play’s menagerie!

(Written by @Bobomb)

Bobomb walks through the grounds near the Arena, deep in thought.
How did the glowing emerald find its way to him? What is the meaning
behind it? His allies have pledged their allegiance to his cause for
the combat, drawn by the mysterious power of the gem. Perhaps the
mystic forces of nature are showing their favour. Yet one ally is
missing. Where might it be found? Whom to turn to? Thoughts whirl
inside his mind. The boar rider brought tidings from his lord, who
might look kindly upon a solemn request. An eerie, silent, disturbing
entity has shared his sleep on some nights. Looking out over the Arena,
he considers the might of the fearsome hulk known as the Gobchomper.
Which to choose? Bobomb pulls out the emerald gemstone, seeking an
answer in its malachite depths. As he stares, he sees the world, split
into facets, refracted, broken, multiplied. The mesmerising depths
divide and merge together. More, have more. Take more until all is
one. Until all is won.

The earth begins to tremble, then shake. The stone glows brighter,
becoming iridescent. A shaft of light shoots out towards a nearby oak.
It sunders, crumbles into chips. And the chips begin to move, looking
more and more like some scaly, writhing thing that raises its wicked
head, no heads! And the eyes of the great snakes glint green. The
hydra. The chosen totem. Endless potential made flesh.

Hail Hydra! Let the meek tremble!


(Written by @actreal)

As the combatants select their final Troops, Actreal can be seen arguing loudly with his captain, Shadow-hunter.

“I cannot allow this!”
“You cannot? When you gave your services
to me, you agreed to the rules of competition, which state I can choose
whomever I wish!”
“I anticipated that I would fight alongside daemons
and undead, but it is unseemly for me to fight alongside a mercenary
who has not yet returned to the Clans! My people might think I was a
mercenary, seeking my own personal honor!”
“You’re working for me, aren’t you? What is the difference?”

At the entrance to the Courtyard, a large, broad figure appears and
the source of the argument becomes clear. The figure strides towards
Actreal, drawing a giant sword and kneels before him.

“I am summoned and I come.”

The Rakshanin does not once look at the Raksha princess as he moves to Actreal’s side.


The Competitors were surprised to hear the event for the afternoon consisted of a challenge to best a Cyclops in personal, weaponless combat.

Competitor after competitor fell as nobody’s strength could match the Giant’s.

When it came for @Tacet to attempt to defeat the hideous creature, instead of stretching and preparing to fight he chose to drop to his knees and hand-dig a hole in the sprawling field outside the compound’s grounds.

The Cyclops rushed towards the unassuming @Tacet and raised it’s foot to drive it, and @Tacet’s head, into the ground. At the last possible moment, @Tacet rolls out of the way and the Cyclops stomps into the freshly-dug hole, trapping it’s leg up to it’s knee in the dry dirt.

“Great work @Tacet. Not all problems are solved by brute strength. Now once you dig out the Cyclops, you can claim your prize. The Cyclops itself!”, announces the Commissioner as the day’s events come to a close.

The strange figures, dealings and creature appearances have begun to bother @Grimmorith to the point that he decided action must be done.

@Grimmorith sent word to Sword’s Edge and it’s arsenal of Knights to assist their most respected General. The royal hawk delivered it’s message, it was heeded and support was sent to @Grimmorith in the form of the trustworthy vanguard himself, the Lance Knight!

“Evil is afoot Knight, you will stand sentry to my quarters and report any unusual behaviour directly to me.”, commanded @Grimmorith

“As you command, my Lord”


The cloaked figure decided that, since the element of surprise was gone, that a show of force would slow it’s sibling’s eagerness for another confrontation.

The cloaked figure retreated deep into the bowels of the compound, into the darkest and coldest reaches of the old escape tunnels. There, it began it’s ritual.

It began by burning a candle, made from the wax of the bees of Khaziel’s mines, imbued with the hair of @DonBoba from his pillow, and recited an incantation in an ancient tongue. The flame of the candle flare up, and the cloaked figure catches the flame in it’s entirety, holding it in it’s hand. An unknown symbol is drawn into the tunnel’s wall as a second incantation is spoken. A gust of air, from no source, blows through the tunnel and extinguishes the flame, but there is a faint glow still.

The cloaked figure turns to greet his successful conjuration. Standing in a glyph, matching the one the figure drew and still glowing hot from fire, is the heralded Runesmith!

“Go forth and bind my sibling to this land, then go serve @DonBoba in the guise of a mercenary. Our work here is not finished.”, orders the cloaked figure.

All of the pieces to the game are almost set, but there are other forces than the cloaked figure working their agendas tonight…

The Wildfolk of Divinion Fields have felt the growing concentrating of dark energy for a while now, almost two full moons. Star Gazer left to search it’s source and has not returned word. Fearing her safety, Orion dispatches a lone Centaur Scout to hopefully locate her and, if that fails, find Sir @Royalty to bring what he knows back.


(Written by @killerman3333)

The goblins are starting to make me sick with how lovey-dovy they are
and i am starting lose hope that goblin shaman is able to locate tyri.
Hobgoblin has been making wood figurines as we travel all across the
world. So many battles have forged us into a team that can not be beaten
by even the old gods or even dragons. We fought dragons and deamons in
the blighted lands. We fought worms and the great maw in the drifting
sands and even located a lamp to which we found ourselves a djinn
inside. We decided that the djjinn might be able to summon tyri to us
but the djinn stated that tyri was protected by magic and therefore
could not be located by magic. This made me wonder if Tyri knew she was
being chased by my Monty crew of misfits. I only had one option left. If
i was going to track Tyri i had to think like Tyri. Who could think
like Tyri better than her own boyfriend and i knew exactly where to find
him. The guy freaks me out with his “hobbies.” He is a collector of
bugs which bugs me out like you would not believe. His connections are
better than any person i knew and it has been years since we talked. It
was time to call dokkolfar and see what he knew. To my surprise Goblin
shaman was able to use communication magic to contact Dokkalfar and we
gave him the lowdown.
Me: Ok so I am after Tyri to make her repent for her passed crimes against the order.
You misunderstand she committed those crimes to prevent a crime. She is
trying to gather money in order to free her father from his captors and
her brother is trying to kill her after that incident in the drifting
Me: What has that got to do with me getting her to repent? Should i forgive her with no repercussions?
Yes, she hates the life she was forced to and confided in me her hatred
for the trade but it was all she knew because her father taught her
since she was young about the trade.
Me: Guess i am running out of
options so join me and together we can free her father and both protect
her from her brother. I think i can get him to back off and see reason
as to why he should not pursue his own sister.
Dokkalfar: Also one more thing, you don’t know magic so how are you using communication magic?
Me : Goblins and don’t worry we are cool, I trained their dog so now the baby goblins wont die so much.
Dokkafar: Alright meet me in Zhul’kari in the usual place at the normal time.
Me: Why the mystery?
The people who have Tyri’s father are not to be underestimated as they
have been working tirelessly to control the world.
Me: you and your theories but i will take the appropriate precautions.


(Written by @Machiknight)

Last to pick, such an interesting and diverse set of teams out there.
It has taken me some time to decide on my course of action. One last
troop to join my little army. Of course I did not spend ALL my time
fretting about it. The energy here in this strange place was almost
charged enough to fill my batteries.

I spent time with the other team leaders, activating “Shot of
Bourbon.exe” many many times. This group was hearty, and had many
stories to tell, many not unlike my own of defeating powerful enemies
and armies. This was truly a gift meeting people of like kind. I went
into it thinking to learn more about them so I could have some kind of
advantage, and while this did happen, I also came away with friendships.
Truly I was wrong about the nature of these games with my initial

The hooded one continued to skulk about, I caught sight of it a few
more times. It seemed to just be observing and so I came to the
conclusion that perhaps it was some form of referee, or fan of the games
that had hitched a ride. I had been unable to have the time to tell the
Commish about it, but then I assumed that it had to have been here with
his permission, otherwise how could it get here?

It was time to make my decision however. I closed out of the
“Buzzed/Drunk” application, making sure to uncheck the “Hangover” box,
and began to calculate the strengths of the potential team mates for my
Acolyte would fit in well with his ability to create mana for
the other teammates, however his magic was not quite strong enough.
Blast Cannon was a strong contender - silence, strong damage, and great synergy
Ferit would be glad to help and would synergize with the rock worm worm
And on and on

SO many many different variables, my processors began to run in
circles, and I knew it was time to just make a decision. That’s when my
driller drone pinged me again, sending a query whether it was to return
or not. I knew exactly what to do at that point. I denied the request
and sent it off through the ground once more.

It wasn’t long until the flapping of powerful wings could be heard
over the camp. The powerful dragon landed next to me, and my team was
complete. Emperina was here to join with all my other troops from
Khaziel. I know had great synergy for my team, damage to an unlikely
area, the rear troop, healing and attack buffing with powerful defense.
The game, as they say, was afoot.

(Written by @killerman3333)

While searching for tyri the group found themselves coming upon a group
of pirates with a rather intriguing flag. Dokkalfar was the first to
recognize it as it was the flag of his homeland. Upon its face was that
of a web with the colours split between green and purple.
Me: what do the colours mean?
as we hunker behind a rock surveying the area.
Green represents growth and fertility however it can also mean
ambition, greed, and jealousy. Purple is the color of power,
independence, creativity.
Me: i see.
It dawned on me that these traits can be found in tyri.
Me: lets take them down and steal their flag and use it as our banner.
Dokkalfar, hobgoblin, goblin shaman: Done
goes into the woods at our back while taking off his clothes and i turn
away cause what ever he has planned i do not want to know. Moments
later he emerges with a horde of giant spiders and swarms of smaller
spiders. I have to ask him about where they come from later. The giant
spiders took aim with their butts and shot web at the ship and nailed it
on its port side. The web secured i started toward the web but was cut
off by the spider swarms climbing on the web, and i noticed the ship
being pulled closer. I heard gun shots and saw explosions and screams
filled the air as the ship grew closer. Whatever is going on over there
might be over by the time we get on. The ship pulled in and the webs
detached, all on the boat were dead.
Me: should we take the boat with the flag or should we burn the flag.
dokkalfar disappeared into the woods.
Goblins: take the flag, burn the ship.
pirates defeated and the ship burned and the flag in hand dokkalfar
comes from the forest this time with no spiders. Seems he took them with
him in there but where did they go? We make our way to broken spire for
where tales say a tournament with the prize being worth a king’s ransom
is due to take place. a perfect place to obtain funds to free her
father but she can’t get through it alone.
Me: we find tyri get her to help us win the tournament we will help her with her save her father.
you need not look far for me cause i have been following you since you
entered the city. You will help me free my father? Then what are we
waiting for let’s beat the everlasting frell out of these guys. Now here
is the plan.
I whisper to dokkalfar about his disappearance and
reappearance and learn of a most hideous scar on his back in the shape
of a spider that was formed when he was captured by the spider queen and
she forced 1000s of spiders into his body. Since then he can summon
spiders from his own back. The thought that someone would do that. If
not for tyri he would have been her slave.

As the Competitors lay sleeping after a satisying feast, the compound’s handmaidens worked tirelessly stitching together the Competitors’ Banners for the start of the next day’s Games.

Still in the underground escape tunnels paced the cloaked figure, it’s plan has not unfolded correctly and the result may be failure. "You should not have come sibling, you have been banished!", bellows a disembodied voice familiar to the cloaked figure. He turns to greet his adversary.

“You have broken the pact first brother, what are your plans for these mortals?”, demanded the cloaked figure, “You knew your actions here were to bring consequences.”

The sygil from the ritual before grows white-hot once again, opening a portal from which appears Shurainen, an Old God, specifically the one the mortals refer to as “The Trickster”!

Before the cloaked figure can react, Shurainen lunges forward and places his glowing hand on it’s chest. “YOU ARE NOT INVITED TO MY PARTY!”, shouts Shurainen, as the cloaked figure vanishes.

Shurainen heads back upstairs, taking the mortal’s path of using their cumbersome feet. Before he reaches the doorway to the compound, he transfigures back into his long-used guise, the one of the Commissioner’s assistant. He hurries to his “Master” to inform him of grave news.

“Sir, we have an unforseen problem. The Mad God has been spotted on the premises!”