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Episode 1: My First Day In Bracket 1 GW

So in the last 3 weeks i have been in Bracket 3 with MM then bracket 2 with MM and this week as a member of Druidsglade i am in bracket 1. Full disclosure i was in B1 on ps4 but i was so low level i just used any team that gave me a chance to win ignoring color bonus so that isnt on the same level.

I have been told before that i have no right to talk about GW issues since im not in bracket 1 but now i am so here we go! Buckle up

The first thing that i saw was a friendly rivalry between our day 1 opponents Black Dragon. I told my guild that since i had several friends in BD that nothing would make me happier than to whoop up on them real good! I also told my friends in BD the same thing lol.

Well… Like any good rivalry it was an epic battle! It seemed like every time i checked the score the guild who was leading last time was now behind. When i went to bed rhe scores were too close to call!

Fittingly when i checked the results this morning BD won the day but we had more points! The point difference was about 5k!

There also was a healthy amount of friendly trash talking (admittedly on my part) that makes me excited for the next time we are set against each other!

My results? I went 3-2 due to silly miatakes i made. Learning opportunity right?

At the end of the day my friends BD are worthy adversaries and i wish them best of luck in GW (except when they face us :smiling_imp:)

My overall bracket 1 takeaway after only 1 day: battles are quite challenging and i love it! I shall love it even more when i do some real stomping of my foes! (Which hopefully will be today!)


Got my :popcorn:
Got my :candy:
Got my :cup_with_straw:

Ready to watch the Thread unfold…



Thank you Vangor Brudda Goodwill. This gonna be fun! :smiley:


Welcome to druidsglade and bracket 1 hope you enjoy us and the fun battles of bracket 1

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Episode 2: After my first Bracket 1 week

Let me start by saying this, I have fallen in love with B1 GW! This was a challenging week which made it quite fun. Here, lemne show ya somethin’
Capture _2017-11-13-07-32-37

Not bad if i do say so myself! And nobody set easy defense teams for us so we could get a “day off”.

I look forward to this week and particularly Thursday when we face BD again! The only day we lost last week was against them and i want revenge!

I want to say thank you to my family of guilds for being so helpful and Druidsglade in particular for being gangstas and killin it all week! I definitely forsee a 1st place finish in our future!

Thats all for today! Thanks for reading!


I love this blog, thank you for doing this brudda goodwill. :slight_smile: