The Golden Phoenix Inn is recruiting (1mil/1500s - 25-30Lts weekly) - Loyalty and Honor (750s+GW) - Spots open in L&H


We are now full


We have many spots open for new players in L&H.
Only reqs are 750s + GW participation.
If you are interested in joining come to our Discord


Golden opportunity to join the Golden Phoenix!

The Inn has one place immediately available. Take advantage of joining the nicest bunch of people in the game, who get tons of LTs without putting any pressure on you! Our reqs are easy for any high level player who just wants to play the game his/her own way, and who doesn’t want to feel forced to do every event.

Pop into our Discord channel without delay
and check out if we are a good match for you!


One member only needed now. Hurry before it’s too late!


We have:

  • 1 spot open in the Inn
  • 3 spots in L&H

Come visit us on our Discord if interested in joining our wonderful group