The game it self

I’m starting tot hate the game. If your are of a low rank and want to play the daily games the computer is so powerful it is impossible to win
Why does it not adapt to your level?
There is no fun in playing it this way.
Then you have to restrictions in choosing you team too. Ok it a part of the game, but it’s no fun at all, if you have to play as a beginner again a max. Warlord.

This is not a guild wars related topic it should be in PC/game chat

It takes a lot of play time to consistently win in events. You are much better off farming for souls and traitstones and leveling up your troops than playing events if you’re just starting out.

Play the parts you can. Work on getting better till you can play the parts you have trouble with now. We were all once where you are now.


What would be the point of getting stronger if everything adapts to your level? Work on improving your roster, upgrading your troops and powering up your kingdoms, you’ll gradually fare better in events. Don’t expect to beat the toughest encounters right after starting out.


A low rank player should not expect to win everything. Simple as that. There’s something called learning curve in most games.

Took me a while to fix a team that consistently beats pet rescues, and didn’t clear one single rescue before level 500+.
I’m in the 800’s now, and still didn’t clear an endlevel delve (level 200).
Can’t reach tower 25+ in ToD yet.
Startes just recently reaching endlevels in raids/invasions.

And guess what. It’s normal, and it’s exactly as it should be. And it gives me a goal to work towards. Otherwise the game woule be boring AF for like 99.99% of the players.

If you look for a game where everyone can win everything from day 1, GoW is not the right game. Candy crush saga, farmville and so on are what you look for probably…


**_Im a beginner, not a idiot._** And i dont want to play kiddy-games.

Im simply stading that a game shut at least give you the idea you can win. But if a low rank needs to play against a warlord VI then its just impossible to win, i don`t see the fun in that.

And why do you have to play vs. Warlord IV as a low rank?

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As a low level you have a lot to do in this game quests, challenges, explore pvp and casual pvp. Raids, invasion, pet rescues, bounty etc are for when you are a higher level and have played the game for a while.


When I first started I did the kingdoms first and slowly moved on to pvp. Knowing what I know now the first thing I should have done was join a guild. With the guilds you’ll get keys every week so you can open chests and get some decent cards and ascensions going. Once you get a decent deck that can get you wins consistently in pvp is when I would start worrying about doing the events and getting yourself some epic and legendary cards.

If I recall correctly the game does give you some decen cards to start with. I remember the reason I even started was because the psn store gave me the nobend brothers for free. I went on and within a few days I got lady iron beard and keghammer and some other ones. So I don’t think you start out with bad cards.

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One can’t even play vs warlord IV actually…
You gotta reach a certain level to unlock that. By that time is hard to be considered new player anymore…

Correct, IIRC Warlord IV is unlocked at level 150

ok, im a level 892, so not green, but not very advanced also. For the moment im stuck in the challenge tiers, and the Explore games, i just don`t have enough power to get behind level 10 in the explore section.
Same for the tiers … very frustrating.

If you are still struggling, ask for advice on team building. For instance, a team of traited Finesse Finesse, Finesse, Mountain Crusher can do Explore 12 and all Challenge Levels and you can build that team at around Level 60. The game is meant to be challenging during high-level content and Challenges. It makes no sense for it to be easy for all players during all content. Everyone would quit.