The game doesn't start, servers work very well

Every time a want to play the game i have to open it three or more times, always the message of server problem.

First: take your money spente in servers back, you have been defrauded, the game work patheticly, slower than ever and now doesn’t charge at the start, frustrating…

Second: Buy real servers, you have the game in a gameboy, and we can’t play

I’m fine here.
From your description, it sounds like the problem is your connections, because the game servers are working fine.


Also please be aware that at event rollover there can be a few moments where the game stalls.

the problem is not only today, it was yerterday, and saturday… all the week

We haven’t had any server interruptions on our side this week. Please contact support here so we can help you further.

I was fine all week.
So may be the problem really is on your end .
You might want to call up your Internet provider instead