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The game crashes frequently at start up screen (Mobile)

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
Since the newest patch arrived my Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime more often than not closes down the game automatically upon the start up screen. It is extremely frustrating. The device have 3 GB ram, but running only Android 6 combined with MIUI 9 - all the latest firmware is installed. I have closed in-game chat and taken on the lowest graphics settings, just in case. I have also cleaned my Mobile for useless apps and always makes sure that whenever I play GoW is the only app that is running in background so most RAM possible is available for GoW. I have fully uninstalled the game several times. I have had this problem before, but not since patch 3.0 or so.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Whenever I open the game it is a big chance that the mobile will automatically close down the game upon the load up screen about halfway to the end of the loading bar. I would say about 70% of the time. The other 30% the game function normally without any problems.

Thank you!


Same thing on iOS except I’ve been experiencing this since the Unity Update.

When I start the game, I’ll get to the loading screen and about 2/3 of the time it crashes. On the 2nd try, it only crashes 10% of the time.

At this point it’s been going on so long I’m used to it.


It is extremely annoying, especially for those hours I am out of my house and try to collect tributes on my Mobile.

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I’m using the same phone as Eika (btw it has 3GB ram not 4GB but it’s plenty anyway). All updates installed. Removed a bunch of unused apps which shouldn’t have made a difference as the device has ~1gb ram unused at all times… I did not bother uninstalling the game. All graphical options are at lowest, 4x speed, have used the option to download all data. For me the game fails to get past the loading screen 4/5 times. The problem started with patch 4.0 . It’s gotten to the point where I don’t bother playing on mobile and wait until I can get on a pc which makes me miss out on tribute among other things.

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My model do also have 3GB ram, I just wrote wrong. So we have the exact same model and exact same problems. It is good to know that I am not the only one.

No more updates until they update their servers!!!

That is what needs it the most!

I believe it is all platforms experiencing very bad connections.

No, never experienced anything like this on startup for PC. The game is crashing while the servers is up.

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Ok. Then it must be something different then what I’m experiencing.

I apologize

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I am pretty sure that this has something to do with that it is not a clean Android mobile as it has MIUI 9 as well. But there must be a solution to this problem somewhere. At least for me it was fine since 3.0 patch or so. Lets wait and hope for a tech.

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Could be some specific problem with Unity for your model. I hope it gets sorted out soon.
Back at the day when we still had all the old UI my phone had some color issues around some buttons, but then it was a problem in some devices.

I didn’t see them say anything about an update to Unity with 4.0, they just redesigned the map/hud. The Unity update happened in a previous patch and it caused no issues for my phone.

Also the game works smoothly whenever it does not crash on start up. That’s the funny part. It does never crash later when game is up and running if it is managing the start up.

Hmmmm… Then it must be something else, i imagined these issues started, or were more noticeable now with 4.0.

Maybe @Ozball would have enough understanding to point out if anything changed in the game when it starts… Could be some loading issue with the new kingdom animation maybe? I’ve saw a bit of lag on PC sometimes during those animations. :thinking:

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I think maybe ure right. Whenever the start up display is changing Kingdoms preview pictures it’s kinda a little laggy on my Mobile. Maybe it has something to do with that slide show. I just get the feeling that a lot of things happens at same time and takes a lot of ram on the start up screen, the all mana colored gem loading icon down on the bottom right looks kinda laggy too when it circles around…

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@Logitech have you found any solutions to this problem? I might even go so far and buy a new mobile phone. :disappointed:

No solution. Out of all the Unity apps on my phone this is the only one with a problem so I’m not inclined to change my phone for GoW, I’d rather play less instead.
The game even has a memory leak on Windows so the coding isn’t up to scratch.

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Thanks for your reply, lets see if any of the devs will have some answer for us.

PS4 problems occuring as usual now its weekend. Arena is borderline unplayable, constant lagging and freezing. Had to wait nearly a minute to get to the victory screen after one fight, same with PVP aswell. For a 3 year plus old game this is appaling.

@saintjimmy That is something different than what this thread is about. Do you mind creating your own thread about the problems you are currently experiencing on console? That way we keep it clean.

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I would really have appreciated some help on the issue. After a few patches without it, the issue came back again with the 4.0 patch. This morning I had to try open the game 5 times a row on my mobile to have the chance of collecting the tributes. And it all crashes in the very end of the loading bar. In the 6th try I was able to launch the game. Very frustrating.