The Future of Gems of War on PS4/Xbox


lol its like playing Battleship when the computer players uses Aziris!


The beauty of the current AI is that it works for all troops.

Making a “smarter” AI for existing troops, in the existing meta, would be some work but not tremendously difficult. The big problem is that every few weeks, as new troops and strategies come out, it would get out of date, and need updating. “Better AI” is a huge, ongoing potential resource drain.

Compared to the current solution, which just works with essentially no updates. That’s some genius planning, right there!


I agree but doesn’t that also limit innovation?


I don’t think a lot of it would get out of date. Like a gob chomper preferring to target goblins. Or a gem transformer preferring to cast when they will or are more likely to get matches.

But imagine if you could adjust your defence team ai choice priority. Say a troop has a spell that targets an enemy for 20 damage. How should it prioritize who it targets and in what order? I’d set up gob chomper as:
Weakest enemy
( other choices could be first, strongest, highest attack)

The ai wouldn’t be perfect, maybe not even great. But an improvement you could customize a bit.


I actually believe, and find in my work, that limitations are the source of innovation. The more the parameters in which your work is experienced are fixed, the better control you have over how they are played.

That’s my opinion, at least.


Yeah not the first time I’ve heard a developer say that. You have to get creative to work around limitations. Sometimes if someone says, “here’s a blank canvas, do what you want,” you have a mind-block. Your mind would pull you 1,000 different ways, making you in-capable of focusing on one thing and making it the best it can be.


But I wanna be a dev if I move to australia :sweat: lol


Re: Real-Time PvP, as @Mr.Strange has said previously, it’s quite a massive undertaking for both console and PC/Mobile to implement. Though it would be a pretty cool addition to the PvP system, despite the potential for issues.

As far as the console is concerned, we’re still playing catch-up with our brothers and sisters over on PC/Mobile. Unfortunately don’t expect (too many!) new features compared to them, however we’ve been working on a few little bits and pieces to improve the matching experience that I’m sure they’ll be jealous of :wink:


Can you give more details? :slight_smile:


IT’s coming, you’ll love IT and what IT has to offer. You won’t believe IT exists when you first try IT, but IT will be there staring you in the face. IT makes no promises, but IT always delivers.

IT has been released, but since IT is so mind-bendingly awesome, IT will appear when IT is ready.


But why ruin the surprise? :stuck_out_tongue:


A in-mail care package of all the troops console is missing from PC? Omgz I love you guys so much. Give us a minute to come up with a complaint for your kindness. :grin: Let’s hug it out devs,


You don’t want a hug from @Mr.Strange, the last player who got one is still missing.


I don’t like surprise :slight_smile:


Wait, what?

If you’re saying it works equally for all troops… actually that doesn’t even fly. The AI is still crazy dumb about using abilities. I’m not even talking about being baited by skull matches - I mean the AI can have one or two troops fully charged, and aimlessly match mana instead of hitting me with them. On and off for ages. I’ve seen Maw not use its devour for no reason. And this seems to be less frequent with older troops.

… certainly I’ve mentioned this all before …


I think @Mr.Strange was referring to the fact that for 95% of our players (possibly more), the AI is more than a handful already, simply because it sees all the 4-matches & skulls, and generally takes the colors it needs. And this AI is pretty much a catch-all for all troops… they all perform at that level.

And it’s not that we value those 95% MORE than we value dedicated players who frequent the forums either, it’s just that some of those folks will turn into future dedicated players, which keeps the game healthy, so we need to nurture & balance for them too.


That’s all true. I just can’t ignore the not-quite-constant-but-still-there moments of ‘why did I not just lose, why is the AI being dumb again’.


That’s because the Console’s AI is not working as intended.

@Mr.Strange and I cracked that egg a little while ago


Oh this is on Steam/Mobile too.


Maybe it’s a good idea to customize the AI for certain lineups,say the most 3 favorite at current version, and make it a REAL challenge mode.