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The face behind the Mask/Avatar... Who are we talking to?

Ok, so we are playing Gems of War and we happen to be on the main menu. I see a comment that I just had to go into global checking out all of the commotion and got involved in the conversation. Well after a while we start to make friends and bond in the game.

You continue to get more hello’s and comments on what all you say and what the topic is about going on in chat. Days, weeks and months pass by and then you wonder, who am I talking to? Would be nice to see someone’s picture or something because it can just be a uplifting thought that you can make real close relationships online. Some people have a more lonely life like me and live in a small town with railroad retirees and it’s not city life or people that’s the same as you. It’s like living in a country music loving town and people don’t dye there hair and they stare at you because the way you may dress. Some people like myself and my hair don’t belong in this old fashioned town. Not a place of interest that people would have the same likes of you for friendship. Online friends can be truly cherished after all!

Please let our friends see a picture of us so, we can strengthen the bonds of friendship.

Post a real picture of you below. Thank you to everyone that post a picture of you below.

Halloween pics of you can also be wonderful because it is Halloween time after all. :smile_cat:


Everyone already knows my real face from my YouTube channel, so here is my other real face:

2nd one is an early work in progress sketch for something being used for my new YouTube banner. :wink:


Me on a Monday morning smiling to the mirror…


Yes I’m the sexy guy on the picture. If you seen my last video you could saw it there too :slight_smile:
Here I am going style:

and yeah I look much younger then I am.


My darker self… Don’t piss me the F off! … lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The Helpdesk


I swear, we share the same glasses! :smiley:

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nothing special here ;}~

i will prolly be keeping the lights off at the house for holloween tho.


This picture is about two years outdated

But my retainer broke and for… reasons… I could never get a new one. Now I have my teepee gap that I was bullied mercilessly for coming back so not posting a new pic…


Those vampire teeth looks a little fake… :wink:

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I will be posting a updated picture of me in Dec with my new darker red hair color. A little bit darker and more natural looking. Not cherry red or red highlights like in most pictures of me. I have red glasses right now but also getting new pair in Dec.

Me with my Natural hair color.

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I normally don’t participate in this sort of thing, i’m extremely shy.


I would post a pic, but there’s enough scares coming tomorrow.

Trust me, you don’t want to see the real me. However, I am pretty sure Louis C.K. and I share as much DNA as we do attitude and outlook.

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Nimhain and myself doing a Halloween-Pirate-selfie in the office, with Elliot the Dragon Receptionist photobombing us in the background.

That’s my best pirate sneer btw!


That is my best face of not trying to burst out laughing


OK thats me. Go Cowboys!


The REAL River Song, but not the real me:

Alex Kingston is too good for this world.



DATS ME! :slight_smile:

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After 674 days on this game, still there :wink:
and for those who asked the question, I am a man :stuck_out_tongue: