'The Exalted Few' are Recruting! The perfect Guild for newer players - we help you with donations until you become stronger!

As the title says we are now starting to recruit newer players, as well as older. All we ask for is that you have an ambition to become a good player so you can met our Requirements in the long run!

This Guild manage all Regular Guild tasks as well as many Epic tasks on a weekly basis. As well as we open up many tiers in the Guild Events rewards ladders. We ask our members doing the Guild Wars battles, but results doesn’t matter. And world won’t go under if you don’t like it. Other than that we can offer a flawless atmosphere within the Guild. People are down to earth and ready to answer any questions that you should have. People like to help newer but also experienced players over here. We got a mix of veterans and newer players. Some has a ton of experience since the game was launched. This will give you the best tactics right off the bat; of which troops to focus on, team builds, crafting and so on.

In addition we are also asking that you are offering good communication in our ingame Guild chat, so we can arrange agreements of Godfathers when it comes to Gold/Seals donations. Our beloved guild is open to help you with the weekly Gold donation. But do not abuse this chance we are giving you. We only want ambitious new players.

We are of course also looking for players which has been in the game for a while which want a change. Now we have a few spots open so you can even take your friend over here to chill out with us, we are a group of casual players, but also have strong players in hand.

- 500k Gold (Many donate a lot more)
- 1300 Seals (Many gathering more seals)
- Spend all free Siglis (Many buy tiers in addition)

(If you are connected to a Godfather within the guild, all we ask for is good communication of your progression and so on, you must aim to be able to do all minimum reqs in the long run.)

(We thankfully have no Discord crap running, so that is not a requirement.)

Hope to hear from you soon!

This is the perfect guild, especially if you are new in the game. We have members here that helps you with donations and to met weekly requirement - until you have become stronger.

All we ask for is that you do offer good communication in the Guild chat and also trying as good as possible to do something yourself when it comes to donations, every week. This is all to build up trust between the two of us. That the help we are offering is not getting wasted.

This is something the fewest guilds are offering, I have at least not heard of any. We just call it for Godfathers.

If you have any questions or want to join us. Write here or send me a PM.

We do also recruit higher levels players, we are a bunch of people that has been here forever.

We are looking for 1-2 serious players - new or old.

This is the very best Guild to land if you are new, cuz we have a really good crew that is helping you with donations in the early stages, so you can put in your Gold on the Kingdoms.

All we expect from you is to offer some communication in the Guild chat if you need help with a Godfather.