The Elite Ones Guild Chat

Hello, Lady Shezza here.

This is a place where we can introduce each other, receive updates, feedback and suggestions. We can also recruit here too.

I’m very proud of our guild. It is growing stronger by the day. I love our family. So I want to be able to extend that chat to something that we will be able to read back on. The current chat makes it disappear forever. This chat will last forever (unless I delete it… haha).

So introduce yourselves, give me some feedback or suggestions here! Or you can just casually chat about anything that is interesting. Let’s get to know each other so we can tighten that bond we have!

Our current requirements are:
200K (100K for members under level 120)
1500 seals
150 trophies
Must be active
Must be level 100 or more
Must be fun
Must love us!

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If you are named Sevensor… Just know that I would love to have you back to our guild. I’ve been trying to find you but it is hard to contact you. :slight_smile: Come back please… Missing you. I hope you find my message. Lady Shezza. xxx

Dropped out from guild somehow after latest game crush, inv me or tell me how to find guild ingame