The Eagle Has Landed

Does Bless project against lethal damage yet? Otherwise, the Raids troop is worthless this week.


Are the colors accurate on the Plumed Staff, or will this be quickly changed like the other weapons of this type that initially could refill itself?

Cyrup approves of this weeks event theme


Cyrup lives! I haven’t noticed you on the forums much recently.

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It hurt that my friends never stood Dawnwind…


Another weapon gimped by lack of applicable hero class.


Hey, I’m sure it’ll be super useful after Sept 20th once the Stryx class comes out, with it’s super awesome 3rd trait! :unamused:

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One of the worst trait ever

I’ve been flipped off once or twice… But by far the event raids troop is the most offensive bird I’ve ever been destined to receive.

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I love how his name implies we would actually want more than one of him. Still bothers me that basically the best troops are in the underworld, unless the devs are telling us to go to he…
Those sneaky devs.


Personally…I’m salivating for the opportunity to do minimal damage on a cast and putting a big red target sign on the Raid troop for ZG as he benefits from my storm. Because everyone says…Raids are the best… definitely doesn’t need any fun troops for them… Oh wait… People say the exact opposite. Silly me.

Easy raid and useless stuff this week (both troops and the weapon).

Past invasion for the first time ever i used ALL the new stuff, this raid boss for the first time ever i didnt used anything of the new stuff (saved small blues as a good side).

Harpy mage, thief with trickster shot (no backup cuz bandits sucks and block the weapon), harpy queen x2 and you’re immune to Zully (he can cast all the times he want, he cant target your hero and with all the summon power you got the dead get replaced in no time, seen he dont make skulls it always pass turn too and his op barrier is taken care by thief third trait/explosions fast).


No, that would make the Raid event pretty trivial.

It could be worse, see Nightwing. At least we get up to 5x damage without any downside.

Huh. I used Sentinel with MC, Queen X, Pavos, Harpy Mage, and it got me to level 180 laughably quick. Not sure if it’ll hold up past level 250, but the Queen just tears through everything quick at this level

Harpy Eagle is quite powerful! :sweat_smile:

My Harpy with 17 base damage is doing 49 damage when targeting columns with 0 yellow gems (and columns with any number of yellow gems). Someone on Reddit confirmed this. She’s just getting a flat 4x damage boost.

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I see, a flat 4x damage boost based on the gems destroyed of any color, so 17 + 4 * 8 = 49. Considering a recent bug with Harpy Mage it might be safe to assume that Suncrest residents are color blind.

@Kafka This eagle might be landing a bit too hard.

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You’re right! This is what I get for bug reporting right after I wake up. Even the post on Reddit supports that and I missed it (9 base damage, 41 dealt). :joy:

I wonder what colorblindness would mean for the Suncrest hero’s random storms.

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Yeah… That would be the deal breaker. :grin:

It could be better too. See Igneous.

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Micro, tried out your team. At boss level 400 without a loss. Great team! Thanks

Micio…sorry my autocorrect messed up you name :slight_smile: