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The Dominant family of guilds is looking for active daily players in several of our guilds. We have spots for beginners up to experienced players

We need players for two of our guilds. Check out our Discord link if you are interested.

From beginner to end game, we have a guild for you. Visit our Discord for more info!!

still looking for a few elusive players…

We need 3 players for our semi casual guild. Level 500+. Check us out if you are interested.

Hey. Come join us. We have a great crew!!

Hello. My name is Joe aka Tretarr. I’m interested in joining your family. My current level is 79 and I play daily. I have no problem getting 1000+ seals per week and once I progress further I can make sure I meet any requirements. I signed in to your Discord server as @vaderjoe33 so feel free to message me.

glad to see you Tretarr. Thanks for joining our family!!

We are looking for 2 players in Cabana, 2 players in PreDominant and also 2 players in Dominant III. Check out our Discord if you are interested.


Is looking for motivated and active players. We currently have 6 guilds of knowledgeable members ready and willing to help new players grow or to challenge the more experienced players.

Locate us at: https://discord.gg/7kCRDEV and let’s find the right guild for you. We look forward to meeting you and would be honored to have you come join our family!

Dominant (Rank 17) - 1100+ Hero Level, 800Kg, 1500s, 200t, Complete all Guild Events with 10,000+ Raid Score, 30,000+ GW Score (Brkt 4-6), 100+ Invasions, & 25+ Dooms.

Dominant II (Rank 117) - 1000 Hero Level, 500Kg, 1500s, 200t, Complete all Guild Events with 10,000+ Raid Score, 30,000+ GW Score (Brkt 5-7), 100+ Invasions, 20+Dooms.

Dominant III (Rank 233) - 200Kg, 1500s, 100t, Complete all Guild events with 6,000+ Raid Score, 20,000+ GW Score (Brkt 19-21), 75+ Invasions, & 10+ Dooms.

PreDominant (Rank 441) - 1000s, Perfect place to continue to learn, but increase your stats.

PreDominant II (Rank 1029) - 800+ Hero Level players. No Requirements, Perfect place for experienced players to relax for a bit and play casually.

Cabana El Dominante (Rank 4331) - No Requirements, Perfect place for new players to grow and learn!

We have spots now open in:
Dominant III & PreDominant II

Come join us!!

We are looking for a few good men or women. Come check us out!

Start of a new week. Why not start it with our family? Check us out!!

Hi Im new to the game and still learning but am very active. Only at level 70 right now but looking to improve and join a guild

Come give us a try. Check us out on our Discord server. https://discord.gg/7kCRDEV

We are looking for 2 players in our 2nd highest guild and a few semi-casual players as well. Come visit us on Discord if you are interested. https://discord.gg/KHJdKK6

We need players at all levels. Come join our family. We will help you to excel!!

We have a few spots open in several guilds. check out our Discord link @ https://discord.gg/7kCRDEV

We have a few spots open for beginners

[ffff44]Are you looking for a guild family that gives you the opportunity to grow and move up when you are ready? Check out Dominant! 1000 seals per week and Discord. Check us out at: https://discord.gg/7kCRDEV

Hi Jamie. Grunt Groan here. Just started game a few months ago after playing Legendary Game of Heroes for a long time. I love this game! In a guild now, but was just my starter guild. I am level 891 and climbing, with Death knight armor and a ring of wonder. I don’t understand everything yet about all the different game modes, but I did lead my guild in dooms this past week. got to like floor 25 I believe. If you have a spot for me in one of your guilds, I would love to chat. Thanks!