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The Dominant family of guilds is looking for active daily players in several of our guilds. We have spots for beginners up to experienced players

The Dominant family of guilds is comprised of 5 guilds. We have guilds from beginner level to end game, so it is quite possible we have a spot for you. If you are looking to grow or if you are strong and want to be part of something special take a chance on us!! If you are interested in joining please come visit us on Discord. The invite code can be found at the bottom of this post!

This is an awesome guild family. We have many husband and wife teams along with many knowledgeable players who can help you with team building, strategy and much more. If you want to get stronger, improve your skill level and maximize your playing experience, this is the place for you.

Our weekly requirements vary depending on your level. Our lowest guild is casual so very few requirements and the guilds progress all the way up to Dominant with these requirements:

Minimum 500 trophies each week
2000 seals per week
$1.5 million gold per week
10000 damage to Raid Boss and 100 towers for invasions.
20 Dooms in Tower of Doom.
Active in all events such as Guild Wars, Raids, Invasions, Tower of Doom and must play Guild Wars Daily. We want you to play but there is no pressure to win except the pressure you put on yourself!

(Please keep in mind these are minimums. Our guildmates average much more and that is what we expect from our new recruits as well).

Discord is mandatory mainly because of the issues with in game chat and also to coordinate the Tower of Doom event. Discord is also the recognized chat and sharing program for Gems of War. If you are not familiar with the program don’t worry, it’s easy and we have experts who can help you figure it out!

Dominant is truly an international team with members from many countries. So why not come check us out? You may find an awesome home within the halls of DOMINANT!!

Visit our Guild’s Discord server .


im down for joining this guild i havent played in like a year but im lvl 720 rapidly progressing minimums arent an issue but im not sure what some of the newer stuff is

Hey Timekiller. Just got out of bed saw your post. If you are interested talk to me on our discord server. And here is the Discord link: https://discord.gg/jAqEgCd. Once you are there we can chat for a bit. Hope to talk to you soon.

We will be looking for 2 players sunday.

im interested in joining. im level 1000+ and can easily meet all the minimums. My code is oight

Hi there oight.

Just wanted to back to you on behalf of our Guild . If you are still interested we will be making the two spots available tomorrow afternoon. Please go on to our Discord chat and let us know whether you are still interested. If you are we will hook up with you tomorrow.

Thanks. Jamie

I am also interested in joining, I can meet more than the requirements and is over 1000 level, invite code jimderbehr_2

We need two players。


Hey guys. We are looking for one active, daily player at level 1000 or higher. Come join this top guild and enjoy the benefits that 40k seals, 30+ Legendary Task and super helpful guild mates bring to the table.

Still looking for another player to strengthen our ranks!

Looking for one last player. Come have a chat with us on Discord!

We need 2 great players to fill our ranks. Come join us @ https://discord.gg/bHHyDbK

Bump… up!
Come and join us! We’ve also started to organise our first personal Guild Event where the winner can win the game Anthem, or any other EA game they want!


We are looking for 2 players to fill our ranks join us on discord @https://discord.gg/jAqEgCd

Bump…we are still waiting on you to join us


Dominant is need of a few great players to fill our ranks. Join us on discord @ https://discord.gg/bHHyDbK

If you are looking for a great place to play, hang out and dominate in Gems of War, why not give us a try. Check out our discord channel or private message me on Discord at Jamieburke_2015#2736.

Come join the Dominant family. We are looking for a few late game players interested in playing on one of the top 20 teams in GoW.