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The "Divine" Slayer team share

Ohh I try out Sunsail :+1:t2:. But I’ll admit, I get a little smile each time a Gorbil devours Ubastet or Infernus that it might be hard to switch. :rofl:

I also think maybe, as @TimeKnight pointed out, that Dire Boar with its pseudo permanent enraged would also be really great especially against teams with skull reduction traits.


i don’t have problems with skull reduction trails. Hunter marks are good enough for one tapping evething.

Excellent team suggestions from everyone, some really creative ones in here :blush:

Mine is less creative. None of the divines have immunity to burning, which means that a Dragonguard hero with razor armour (+20% of armour to skull damage), fire blade (3x skull damage to burning enemies), and vanguard (barrier at start of battle) can one shot burning enemies with a skull match. Infernus is the best troop to get everyone on fire. The other two troops don’t really matter, but I use Divinia and Ishbaala with Infernus at the bottom.


My Anti Divine/Anything Team :bangbang:20180714212803_1


99%? Unless the loop spins twice before uba is fired up…you are probably going to lose. I use a variation of this team and it has higher attack but I get probably about 60 to 70pc. Control of the board crucial in 3 moves.

Unless the loop spins twice?

Once it starts looping it doesn’t stop often. Alchemist + Hellcat is the best infinite loop.

I did some stats somewhere about running that team non-stop for a week. It’s both fast and pretty unstoppable if there’s no freeze or drain on the other side.

Many players find such loop teams a bit slow - indeed you do have to spend time looking at the board and can’t just mash out explosions. But I’ve been using such loops full-time for three years (or whenever Hellcat was released) and weirdly I see the next colour swap in milliseconds. I see them in my sleep now…

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Great Maw

Brown/Yellow banner.

Will try out some of the other suggestions here too!

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You used Sekhma before Titania was released?

Nah used to use Gard’s Avatar in that team.

And before that just a Goblin Rocket.

Against Mab teams you can out VoO in as well…

Not that old in game, only 1 year. For me Sekhma worked perfectly.
I created this monster yesterday. Play 100 pvp games this week already, and have 90% win rate. when you have nuts, don’t even care what you face, smash them. However, recomend practis first, not an easy team.


Crimson Bat***
Mountain Crusher (either Titan or Divine Hero Class to start with half-mana)
Divine Ishbaala***
Forest Guardian***
Double Yellow Banner

Crimson Bat does 4x skull damage to wounded divine, and one cast of Mountain Crusher is generally enough to completely fill it so it can get a cast off before skull spamming.


I agree it’s an effective loop but probably not as fast or reliable in terms of extra turns as alchemy with moneylender Yao and titania. Stat success of course changes according to the latest uber team. My point is that you need two loops to get titania traits fired against the majority of the enemy to get the required damage boost to eliminate troops. But come on…99% is a pipe dream.

On the week I kept those stats, it had a 98% win rate on 3-trophy pvp. Defences at that time were a bit more varied I guess. Follow that link for more.

I did enjoy taking that loop team against the divine meta when Ubastet first appeared, and don’t remember losing much if at all with it - Mercy tends to mean that if the board favours the enemy, it also favours me and I get to cast first.

Nowadays I am also trying to use the hero as much as I can, and currently levelling my Assassin class. That’s led me to some fun trying new builds and some quite effective teams. But nothing much use against the main broken Priest+Ubastet build, so I typically skip those and do the 1 or 2 trophy match.

Completely disagree on that part. Adding Mercy to the mix both for empowered and for her cleanse makes it far far better, faster and reliable than other loops, in my experience. The build you mention has no acceleration so relies on filling Alchemist naturally. Ymmv I guess.

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I would have to test your team to make a considered comparison but mercy will never be a favourite of mine in any line up. Moneylender generates way more red gems once alchemy has cast and it’s unlikely that board control will be relinquished once the primary loop fires. Yao picks up alchemy leftovers and so does titania. Keep looping if necessary til Yao and titania can maintain extra turns and damage, which is massive with everything faery fired. This team will beat divine meta most of the time. But I agree, boosting hero is now important and so different hero themed teams are what I use in all but the toughest battles now. I think mercy can be a liability if you cannot make a 4 match when the opposition are heavily yellow themselves as divines often are. You can’t accelerate if you are jeopardising the team potentially. Each to his own though.

This reminded me of a team I made with Werewolf, might be up you’re alley as all troops convert gems. Also it is able to deal Skull damage and big single target damage. Lacks an ability to deal with multiple enemies with barriers, so stumbles against Dawnbringers which came after Werewolf.


Have only tried it against a divine team once - did win.


This team will often win without giving the enemy a single turn. Mercy into Hellcat into Anointed one, into Sekhma can loop almost forever. You don’t even need anything except Mercy traited.

My favorite part is that Anointed One’s spell image is a big spikey fist. Trigger Sekhma, and that giant fist just crushes the enemy into gorun dust.


Has there been any talk amongst the other devs as to this divine meta? Or are they going to ignore it like the annoying forest troll, kraken, mab meta that went on for over a year?

If you get. Dawnbringer you wont have their problems.

What a joke. Dawnbringer good stand alone weapon, and that’s basically it. In power level we have a lot of troops like dawnbringer. For example: suna, gard’s avatar, wild queen, skadi, anu, aurora, famine.

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My (almost) unstoppable team…

Dark Maiden (all traits, tho this doesn’t really matter but webbing the first enemy on skull hit is really nice)
King Bloodhammer (all traits, third this is pretty crucial)
Apothecary (all traits, tho this doesn’t matter unless you have an enemy team that likes to target her)
Keeper of Souls (all traits, tho this doesn’t matter unless troops die then they can be replaced with Wights).

Once you start looping, it’s pretty much over. Just as long as you know how to use Dark Maiden to feed everybody and Apothecary to feed the skull makers King Bloodhammer and KoS (both use brown. Apothecary feeds BOTH. Dark Maiden feeds anyone you change yellow into, plus, being in first, she buffs her own life). Once one enemy is dead, Bloodhammer’s third trait kicks in with Doomstorm. Makes rescuing pets pretty easy too.

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