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The dark elves strike back

Has anybody noticed how buff Zhul’Kari troops have gotten?

I didn’t find them especially interesting just after the kindgom was redesigned, as they weren’t really competitive just yet. The new Dark Maiden seemed to have potential, but giving life to just one troop seemed less than awe-inspiring. But with the Orbweaver joining the fray, I’ve been rampaging through PVP this week with a deck I really didn’t expect to do well:

Wrath of the dark elves
Spider Queen***
Dark Maiden***
Imperial Jewel

Elven banner.

Everything’s at Mythic and all my kingdoms are at 5 star except for the 8-troop ones, but still, didn’t think it would be this efficient. The Spider Queen, now with Web and as always with Leader and huge attack is great for control. The Reaver does massive damage for a bargain basement casting cost, the Dark Maiden can turn Yellow gems into whatever makes sense (often Green to recharge everyone and loop) and the Hero’s there to look pretty and finish things off.

Anyone have other suggestions on new and strong troop builds with the Orbweaver?


Interesting comp! I like it, although, I haven’t leveled, or played with the orbweaver at all yet.

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