The Daily Fix wants you!

I wanted to put together a guild where the leadership (for now, that is just me) are present daily to increase the mana mastery bonus. So often we find ourselves in guilds where the guild masters stop playing without the courtesy of having someone else take the reins.

The Daily Fix is a new guild recruiting players addicted to Gems of War on the PS4. Although it’s a new guild, I’m hoping with players hooked on Gems of War we will climb to top quickly by pooling the resources of dedicated players only. Casual players will be removed when necessary.

You can request an invite here or directly on the PS4. My PS4 ID is Lazzarith_2011
Please include your Guild Invite code.

FYI - My usual weekly stats are 300+ trophies, 100k gold, and Rank 1 in PvP on day one of event. If you would like to be a part of a guild where everyone contributes, Then The Daily Fix just might be the guild you’re looking for.