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The clone wars, open enrollment

I have been busy, as have many people but now is a time to sign up. The fantasy series will be starting soon. As talia chose the next series theme, i too shall use that theme as a kick off point. This is for those who wish to sign up for the fantasy series that i am hosting instead of talia.

Each player can have 1-2 copies of one unit under epic rarity or your choosing

Each player must have a common troop

No one is allowed to use legendary or above.

Rules subject to change before the series starts as comments and issues arise. Each part will be a week long.

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Sure, I’ll give it another go. :slight_smile:

me too :slight_smile:
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No I won’t take part.

Count me in

I’d love to join

Edit: Under epic meaning UR and down or does this include epic? And are we allowed to use a hero/weapon?

Im in … ok

I’d like to participate, but have a question. Is @TaliaParks going to be hosting one as well, or is this instead of (just to show interest is here), or some other reason?

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I made an official announcement here:

@killerman3333 Thank you taking the initiative here. I have formally invited you to be my Assistant with the next Round.

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OK. i accept as assistant and re-give you your torch. Can we get sirrian to do 3 game matches in stream and the rules i posted you can change if you wish. I wanted to see what the clone wars would be like with epic level and lower however you are free to change my rules. I am sorry for taking so long to do this, i was working on an ai that copied the ai that the devs use to do what the devs are able to do.

i suppose this didnt start yet? :stuck_out_tongue:
@killerman3333 are you going to pick it up?

The devs said that they’re looking for a way to do it from their end, I think

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I tried but then i was stopped at the beginning when talia took over as she wanted devs to help. I was going to do it for fun without dev involvement. The devs have stated they would help if requested so it is safe to assume with talia being banned (i think she is banned for meme shenanigans.) the series has stagnated again.