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The Chinese localization of the latest card description is still using machine translation

Just realized (which might’ve been clear in the first thread about this but I didn’t keep up to date on it) that the first characters 结果 mean “Result/Effect/Outcome”. In other words, they translated the full thing: “Effect: Spell description”


That makes more sense then since it’s “Result 34 injured an enemy and sealed them”. The rest of the translation is terrible, but is still grammatically correct. The “result” here doesn’t fit. …Now we know why. :rofl:

It’s the 3rd decade of the 21st century. Stop dissing machines! The Google translations shown above are actually very decent, so the problem is not “machine translation”. I mean the fact that the text round-trips tells you something. Yes we don’t use “anger” in the game, but it’s semantically the same thing.

Sure, but my point is it appears pretty likely a human didn’t do this. Google Translate may work fine, but there’s not guarantee that’s the program being used.

If a human DID make this, it’s worse.

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