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The Chinese localization of the latest card description is still using machine translation

Shame on you.

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The claim would be quite compelling if you could take the English spell description, plug it into google translate, and then show the screenshot of that side-by-side with card’s spell image.

Even better if there’s an explanation of what’s wrong, as well as where and why for all of us who don’t know the language and couldn’t just see the proof for ourselves at a glance.


Explanation of what’s wrong? How could I give that? There’s nothing right at all! It’s just a pile of nonsense!

In fairness to the machines doing the translating, GIGO may apply. “Eliminate their attack by 10” is not the best possible phrasing in English.

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What card is incorrect, and what does it say?


Result 34 injured an enemy and sealed them. If our attack is more violent and irritates ourselves, Otherwise, if we are attacked by the opponent, we will lose 10 points.

Result? What’s result? Machine translation result?

Sealed? More Violent? Attacked by the opponent?

What’s the meaning of these?



That’s a real shame. Hope this gets fixed.

Irritates ourselves = enrage :rofl:


Omg this is hilarious.

Thanks for posting the pictures. The community had to ask for them because otherwise we don’t know what’s being talked about.

Either this is a machine translation, or whoever they hired to translate is using google translate and hoping no one checks which is a safe assumption.




Google translate does a better job, apparently.


Google translate is so polite. “Please anger yourself” :rofl:


The description was actually intended for the upcoming ‘All your base’ troop.

You have no chance to survive make your time

To be fair. It looks like a machine wrote the English translation from English as well. So it’s not specific to the Chinese language. “Eliminate their attack by 10.”

Is how a robot would mistranslate a number being reduced by 10 permanently.

I’m starting to think @Saltypatra is the only human left at Infinity Plus 2 and basically 505 Games is just an alias for Skynet.

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A while back they said “eliminate” was going to be their new keyword any time they meant “reduce” :man_shrugging:

In an attempt to standardize their language. Which will never happen because they keep switching what the “standard” is (and they never bother to go back and update “out-of-date” or misleading text to conform to the new “standards” they roll out).

EDIT(s) for links:


Ewww. :pensive:

But thanks. At least we know it wasn’t a mistake then. Just an unwise decision.

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I just filtered by “eliminate”. Warhound has a nice wording:
“Eliminate X attack from the first enemy.”

There are currently 31 enemies with the word “Eliminate”

Meanwhile Accursed still uses “All enemies lose 2 random skill points” instead of “Eliminate 2 random skill points from all enemies”

I’m sure the list goes on. But will stop before I derail the thread.


They did rework an old troop to say eliminate, you’re right. I shouldn’t say “never.”

It’s just too piecemeal to matter, I think; Warhound only got a rework because it’s so often seen in the Arena, so it was part of that update.

But also — using machines, or a terrible translator, is pretty :poop:. The Chinese playerbase deserves better, so I hope this thread will get some attention from @Saltypatra so she can pass it up the chain of command.

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Best do that before Shimrra notices and feels his blood pressure spike. He’s been tilting at this particular windmill for years now.


I still have my fingers crossed they end up settling on exterminate.

“Eliminate” usage aside, the Chinese text here is massively more messed up than a word being iffy. It doesn’t even make logical sense. Either a machine did it or the translator has no idea what they’re doing. Either way, shame on IP2 for treating the Chinese playerbase like this.