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The Chicken Droppers are looking for guild members!

Hello Everyone!
We are looking for players that can manage 10K gold a week and successfully collect 2K Guild Seals a week. We’re looking for level 20 and higher players, but, if you are able to successfully complete the other requirements, we won’t kick you!

Search The Chicken Droppers in the guild search bar, and come on in and join us! When we have enough Members, we’ll be happy to open a Discord so we can help out or play together!

You might have more luck if you let people know what your discord link is, and on what platform you play :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy gemming!

Plus it would be helpful for people, if you put your topic under the right category:

Guild Recruitment PC/Mobile/Xbox/PS4/Switch

Thanks for the help everyone. I don’t have a discord yet for the group and didn’t know where to post as search was vague, or I was.

I’ll post in the suggested link also.

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Please, add info, what platform you’re playing → will be helpful for players interested in joining:


We’re looking for people on the PC/Mobile platforms - Sorry about that!