The chance of death mark triggering is too low


ok i understand that having a unit dying all of a sudden is a very very powerfull ability, however the way death mark currently work is just plain stupid, since death mark can’t kill the first 2 turn is inflicted, and a unit has a 10% chance of healing from it and the chance of it healing is cumulative, that means that death mark has a 28% chance of heal before it has any chance to trigger, even after sticking for 2 turns, the unit has then has a 30% chance to heal and a 10% chance to die which means that in 3 turn the unit had a 51% chance of healing, a 10% chance of dying and a 39% chance of keeping death mark

i’ve had a full arena run where i picked revenant and was able to cast his skill at least 3 times per fight and out of 24 cast, death mark killed a unit only once,many times death mark was cured before 2 turns passed, even kerberos and the land shark have better odds and their devouring skill is better

death mark is supposed to make you feel worried about losing a unit at any time but in it’s current implementation, it just leads to nothing happening most of the time so here’s some option that i think would fit the status effect better

  • remove the limit that death mark can’t trigger on the first 2 turns
  • have a unit inflicted with death mark unable to heal status effect for 2 turns
  • bump the chance of death mark to 25% so that the odds on turn 3 are at least 51%/25%/24%
  • death mark can’t be cured naturaly but instead of having a chance to trigger every turn, it has a chance to trigger every 2 turn
  • death mark can’t be cured naturaly, however instead of having a 10% chance of triggering it has a 10% chance of triggering and a 10% to be cured, each turn either the chance of it being cured increase OR the chance of it triggering increase


I have yet to encounter this effect in a match, but it seems to me that insta-kill regardless of health or armor is a very powerful effect.
Sure, devouring is even more powerful but those spells cost more and can be found on higher rarity units right?


Death mark is fine as is. You are forgetting one key function that all effects have. If you use death mark on someone who is death marked, the cleanse chance goes back to 10%, but the kill chance still keeps ticking up.


are you sure it work like that? wouldn’it reset the number of turns it has to pass before it has a chance to trigger too?


I haven’t used the effect since the first day, but that seemed like how it worked. The 2 turn wait is only from no death mark to death mark. If death mark is already on, there is no 2 turn wait.


I havent seen it trigger yet either, and I’m quite fine with it. It’s far too easy to cast, considering the low cost and it usually comes as an addition to a skill. If it would trigger more often, every match would be turned into a coin flip, which would totally kill the game. I even wish they never added it in the first place.


Its far too easy to cast, so unless it is made to cost much more increasing its chance on triggering seems way too much. Yes, it triggers rarely but at the same time it is a very powerful ability.