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The blinking Tier Rewards button of annoyance

When clicking on the blinking Tier Rewards button, the reward overlay comes up and shows me how many times the AI lost and then gives me my rewards, yay!

And then…

I am forced to look at the full Tier Reward page which I must exit out of and wait for the game to reload my pvp screen.

Can you PLEASE do away with the unnecessary step of going to the Tier Rewards?

I understand that this is happening BECAUSE I am clicking the button to navigate to the page, but that is currently the only means by which to retrieve my defense rewards.

Is there an easy way to change it so the game recognizes that if it is blinking then clicking ONLY brings up the overlay? After being awarded those winnings, then if click Tier Rewards AGAIN, I can navigate to the page as normal.

Would anybody else like to see this change??


what would be better is a 3rd button for pvp results.


I agree! Or they could just mail rewards to us.


I would have so many gold keys if this was the case.

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Yes, definitely want to see this change. It’s annoying me too :slight_smile:

  1. Doghouse you look like Andrew

  2. upper right corner were your rank is listed. That can be the button.

With the added bonus of also not being forcibly put on the stats page after every single time you are attacked or gain a tier.


i definitely +1 this, as i generally click it every time it blinks out of habit

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I do the same thing. It is so hard to ignore.

Must… Press… Blinking… Button… :scream:


I requested the same here in this thread PvP UI - minor request


I would LOVE this change. I actually came here today, just to make this request as it is really an unnecessary annoyance.


I totally agree. Its simply annoying to see this 100+ times per week.


Honestly (and maybe this is just the 1%er in me), I kind of hate the whole “login ritual.” First gotta collect tribute, then gotta collect mail, then gotta collect PvP losses, and finally I can play. Would love all of that to just be a “fine yeah yeah put rewards in my inventory I really don’t care” button somewhere. :slight_smile:


Yes yes yez 2 all the abov

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Perhaps a VIP level reward -> collect all option you can turn on in settings
As I imagine that this becomes more of an annoyance the higher level you are and would perhaps encourage more people to get a VIP level or three to make the game more enjoyable/streamlined - while keeping completely away from a P2W feature set

Also why TH that button exists in the first place? We have the mail system and it can consolidate guild gains in a single mail – it could do the same with tier rewards. So no screen, no extra clicks anytime, I’d just fetch the mail ONCE after I’m done playing or get really bored to just fool around.


Also why is it that when you are pvping that it forces you to its screen after every battle so you can not ignore it?


i agree. with the original post.
Pls simple mark the Stats-Button and redirkt us to the pvp-fight screen after a fight (inteat of the stats screen)


+1, just want to keep battling and grab my loots… don’t need to be delayed over and over… anywhere you can make less load screens, that’s a good thing!


Zomg yes!!

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