The Blessing... and Curse of Gard's Avatar

OK, so here is my dilemma:

I was fortunate enough to nab Gard during his exclusive period. Not sure why RNGesus smiled on me that day but he did. Since that time I have been pretty much destroying PvP with my Gard team(s). However, I am beginning to burn out. I love to deck build and have many other choices but I keep running into the same problem: Knowing I have limited playtime, I need the most efficient build possible… and I have not found anything that is more efficient than a good Gard build in PvP.

To be clear, I am not suggesting Gard needs a nerf or anything of the sort, I am just seeking some friendly advice, counsel, support to keep me going. Just reaching out to the community.

Thanks in advance! :wink:


To keep things fresh, I use a few different teams that are each efficient and effective against different types of teams and jump from one to the other based on whatever I am seeing in PVP. I have a ridiculous looping Gard team that can beat anything, but actually find it a little slow since I have to think so much about how best to transform gems to keep my loop going. I use it as my team of last resort when one of my specialist teams isn’t going to get the job done.

My commonly used teams are: an Amira team to shred teams built around Khorvash, Death, Mab, Justice, etc; a Bunni team to shred knights; a Mab team to shred Goblins (this is also a good general purpose team that picks up souls as long as there is no mana shield or impervious); a Desdaemona team to counter Famine/IK/Abby/Gorgotha builds; an anti BD team with Gorgotha and Emperina; and probably a couple others that aren’t jumping to mind.

On console, I usually end up doing 15 matches a day with a ‘daily task’ team or two, which also helps to keep things fresh.

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I know that feeling, @efh313. That build is so far and away better than any other that I have to deliberately hinder myself so I can keep having fun in the game. Unfortunately, it’s a case of the world’s smallest violin. Try to find other teams that are close to, but not quite as powerful, and make that a challenge for yourself. That’s what I do.


That’s it right there. I have a half dozen teams that are arguably as strong/fast as my Gard’s team. So I just cycle through them. Sometimes it’s fun to cycle through them in a linear fashion and use them 1…2…3 regardless of the team I’m up against, just to see how they fare.


(Red/Brown banner)
Keeper of Souls

A try, it’s fast, fun and can be risky at times.

Also had fun with

(Purple/Green banner)
The Dragon Soul
Shadow Dragonh

But Famine, wich is quite meta, is kinda anti fun when playing this game…

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Outside of Bone Dragon (who is legitimately broken), Famine might be the most annoying troop in the game.


Thanks for all the responses!

I am very glad to know that I am not the only one with this admittedly “1st world GoW” problem.

Many of your suggestions are things I am already doing. :wink:

I think Im just feeling the pull more this week because of servers on Monday and then a crazy day at work Tuesday, putting me two days behind the curve.

Here is a fun team to use particularly for this weeks event:

Black Beast***/Valk***/Aby***/Mercy***

It’s fairly straightforward build, fire Mercy eat her. Fire Aby, eat IK, rinse and repeat. The only thing to fear is BD as he can still one shot your uber pumped Black Beast. (Though I have had a beast survive before!)

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I’m not spamming it, but if you go look at my most recent BD post, the IK teams is just f__ing insane. If you want to take this game to a depth of strategy you didn’t even knew existed, try them out. I trust that you know that I do not make such statements lightly! :slight_smile:

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I’m going to try it now. I was intending to yesterday but never got around to it.

The other one, of course, is Entangling Bones. LionsBann>BD>GreenS>BD>GSpider

I hate them so much for the same reason you are talking about! (I don’t have Gard’s yet though!)

I know you want a change of pace now, but IMO I’d hold off until next week, just because demons are EVERYWHERE this week and Gard is hilarious against demons.

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No doubt, although to be fair… Deamons are everywhere all the time anyway.
Now they are just beefier! :wink:

Really this was more of a mental health thread, and I got exactly what I needed confirmation that I am not alone. That’s enough for now…

Since my last post, I have tried Krud IK build. And created 2 of my own that are dominating. :wink:

Just needed peace of mind to forge ahead!


I have same views and dilemma. You’re (even more) not alone.


You can play with the dragons, krystenax is a great (apart from his 3rd trait which is really meh imo):
krystenax, sylvan, DS, venox. Dragon banner of course!

DS is a great mana gatherer and they all do AOE damage. I’m doing very well with that team and it is refreshing.


I’ve found Desdaemona to be a good counter to Famine. (She’s kinda built for him, really.)

Using a spin-off the “popular as of late” team:
Infernal King

If you can fully trait Des, her armor piercing mixed with Courage’s frequent boosting is good fun to watch tear through teams. (Especially daemons.)

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Wonder will i even find out how goos gars is :frowning:

I got courage fully traited this morning, so the boosts to gard’s armour is insane now. I’m interested in building a desdaemona deck myself as I’ve not used her yet. It’s a similar problem here. I was using archon statue, Valkyrie, justice and mab until I found hellcat, courage x2 and mercy. That’s even better. I’m currently trying rock troll, honour x2 and gard’s

Courage doesn’t boost Armour so not sure what you mean - don’t think Courage is the best for synergy with Gard…?

Hes most probably mixing Courage with Honor…



is the fastest team I have come up with at this point. Insanely fast, gets 1st turn wins rather regularly. It is however a gambling team, but the odds are in your favor.

Which Gard team are you referring to that is as fast? The standard Mercy, Alchemist, Hellcat, Gard’s that people tend to use, or some variation?