The best way to farm high level traitstones

Hi everyone,

As I can see, the trait level up is very expensive, so I have a hard choice which troop to upgrade.
The question is where is the best place to farm high-level trait stones?

I have searched by the forum and didn’t find anything about. Maybe some guide exists.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Explore. Each kingdom has their own traitstone colour (although some colours are shared, for example blue/green has maugrim woods and merlantis.

Explore increases the chance of higher level traitstones (or it used to, the menu to see the chance drops isn’t visable anymore :confused: )

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Yes, I see.
After 15 battles I didn’t get any higher level traitstone :slight_smile: What the chance is?

Terribly poor. The last time I had to explore Drifting Sands for a yellow/brown stone, a single yellow/brown stone, it took me days.
I rather craft now than trying to farm small amounts and with larger amounts I don’t even bother and wait for glory trades.

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The drop rate for arcane is 5.5% in explore, 1.5% everywhere else, according to sirrian in a recent dev stream