The best guild ever

If you’re looking for a fun, active guild, ‘The best guild ever’ has 2 spots open. We’re about 2 weeks away from our 1 year anniversary, but we’re climbing fast at 1.37M trophies.
lvl 1000 minimum
requirements: 1M gold, 2k seals, 500 trophies
MUST play all events, including GW.

If interested, go to room 287 global chat room and say hello. ALP or Steve should answer soon and send you an invite.

  • We are reaching 40k seals in midweek.
  • Getting all the weekly event rewards
  • Completing all basic and some epic guild tasks. (Once we complete 50+ Legendary tasks, but since it’s not worth it, we stop doing that :slight_smile: )
  • Around 30 pet events on normal weeks and 60+ on vault weeks.

We have 1 spot open after a long time

I’m very interested

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Are you recruiting

Sorry about the delay. Can you send me a PM with your invitation code? (If you are still looking for a guild :sweat_smile: )