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The Anti Empower

Based on this week’s glory troop. It appears your designers need some help with new troop ideas.
I suggest you implement 6 troops (one for each Mana color) to counter all the empowered troops you littered the game with.


  • Common Base Troops
  • Available in Gold Chests immediately
  • 24 Mana Cost
  • Empowered Trait
  • Mana Shield Trait
  • Stealth Trait
  • Troop Type: Boss
  • Kingdoms: ???

Drain 12 Mana from all enemies. Can only be cast once.

P.S. The status effect “reflect” should protect against “transform” because duh. :grinning:

Only really useful if they gain an extra turn.

Don’t make my request OP. :stuck_out_tongue::wink:
I thought about that and giving it an extra turn would favor the player too much.
But if the designers feel otherwise then cool cool.

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Rather see this than any more empowered… have I mentioned recently that I still think empowered transformers being everywhere was a terrible idea?

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