The AI confuses me

Just got done playing a few pvp matches. There was this one team on ranked that I played twice against.

The first time I saw it the team was all the way on the right. It had the highest rating (I guess? The numbers next to the fist was the highest in that group). So I picked to fight that team and it pretty much decimated me. Everything went wrong. I got all the crap matches and the enemy got all the four and skull matches. That team turned me into chop suey.

Encountered the same exact team by the same exact user again only this time on the pvp team select screen the team was the one on the left. It also had the lowest number next to the fist in this group. I wanted to try to get the win so I chose to fight it again. This time everything went right. I got all the four matches I needed and the doom skulls cascaded perfectly. Won the match in like two turns.

What the hell is up with that? So the team on the right will always have gimped AI even though the same exact team just spanked me before when it was on the right? If that’s the case what is the point of the numbers next to the fist?

I’ve played this game for a long time but this is the first time I’ve noticed this

Hmm, haven’t heard this observation before :thinking:

I wouldn’t assume this is the result of the “position” of the opponent on your PvP selection screen. I spent a lot of time in PvP last week, doing 3 trophy matches. Came across the same opponent multiple times, sometimes got destroyed, other times destroyed them.

The board is very often the deciding factor in who wins. That’s why troops who can help control it (convert gems) are so useful. And as far as I know, the board is not actually out to get you / help the AI opponent . It just sometimes works out that way :woman_shrugging:

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