The Accidental Streak (Parental Guidance Suggested)

It has been an interesting day. I thought I would recount a rather unfortunate occurrence.

Exiting the shower today, I realized that I had left my clothes on the couch in the living room.

No one was around so I strolled into the kitchen without a care in the world.

Sensing movement to my left, I inadvertently paused to look. And there, at my back door was our nice postwoman peering in with an armful of parcels. Horror-stricken, I waved at her, frozen in the moment like a bony, less muscled copy of Michelangelo’s David. I had a brief embarrassing flashback of playing shirts and skins in high school and blinding the other team with my scrawny pale chest.

Suddenly realizing that I was less than presentable–a whole heck of a lot less–I could do no more than flee the scene at a full run and dive into the living room sliding my way to a painful case of carpeted road rash.

In my chagrin and mortification, I decided to do the only sensible thing possible and share the horror on the Gems of War forum.

If my neighborhood postwoman–or any other federal employee that happens to see me naked–sees this post, you have my most sincere apologies for the mishap.

And I do hope this doesn’t mean we are dating.


Why not wrap your body with the towel you used to dry yourself after the shower?

Deer in the headlights

Thank you for this story. I’m sure you presented just the bare facts.


I never got why so many so-called “cultures” are going nut-job about nakedness.

Are you GoW’s only player from that nude Amazonian jungle tribe?

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Unwittingly, I think I might be a charter member of the tribe :tiger:

Here is our mascot:

That’s why you need THUNDEROANTS!

Thank you for this “short” story! :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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There should be more places to be naked. I love my clothes, but we prefer to spend time without them.

As a teenage I had finished up working after a long day in the garden and my mom took me out to Steak & Shake (USA). It was about 10:30 at night and the waitress was just bringing our food. A highschool male walked in the door and brought an electronic megaphone to his mouth. With a flourish he waved his arm and announced “Please direct your attention to the South side of the building” Well, there was nothing there to see, just a wall of plate glass Windows.

The a moment later a group of more than half a dozen high school males streaked past. It was wonderful. As everyone’s eyes were diverted from the front door megaphone man disappeared. Our waitress turned so red and her serving tray listed over towards our booth. My brother sitting next to her had the foresight to grab the edge of the tray and steady it, as the entire restaurant looked on. The highschoolers turned the corner and proceeded down the other side of the building which only had intermittent windows, where we caught glimpses of them as they flashed by. They all piled into a minivan and peeled off into the night.

My mom just started laughing as they disappeared. She grew up in the country and was familiar with these sorts of innocent pranks, though it wasn’t something she’d told us before.

So who else has a story?

I leave you with. Cher Lloyd - Want U Back (US Version) (Official Music Video) - YouTube