That's a new one

servers are having issues. they have got the providers working the problem (update from the pc issues)

What @kzintiwife said.

So in the mean time think about a pick, banner, and order and send it in so we don’t have to wait on you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Spraking of issues…

Priestess, whatever rarity my remaining points can afford, Whitehelm banner.

Reaver, UltraRare
Priestess, likely epic

Copypaste that.

You know a private message would probably have been better. :wink: but thanks.

Crazy Pony.

i cant even connect on xbox one. justhaving huge isseus.

At this point I’m just hoping community-chosen seeding won’t put me up against Maw first.

Given your luck, it’s pretty inevitable. :wink:

peeved horse noises

i want to see maw vs mab team… wow. those look good :slight_smile:

Both do look strong. We should probably move this to our 2 threads so Pony doesn’t have to see that somehow he and Maw are in the same bracket.

(Hypothetically speaking of course.)

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