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That One Pet That's EVERYWHERE


Anyone else feeling something like this lol?


Are there different types of rarities with the pets?

Because I am definitely seeing some of the pets way more then others.

Including moa.

It looks that way but it’d be crazy to do that. They’re almost all on the same footing anyway.

It did take us until yesterday to get Peace Pigeon though.

I only had Moa once so far. Weird. We here get Shymera and Mini Mimic a lot - they are the only pets I have ascended once (without purchasing stuff, I did buy some bunnies…). Griffling also is pretty common.

I’m personally missing nine pets still - including Peace Pigeon, but I know my guild had the event before, I remember seeing the last ten seconds of it tick down when I signed in.

Personally, I’ve only seen Moa once. But I’ve seen a couple other ones two or three times

Mini Moas were among the final half dozen pets to show up for both I1 and I2. We did get 3 Twigants in a row the first day, though. It’s probably just random being random.


I play on ps4 and still have 6 to get yet. I think it will be a while for me until I get the whole collection.

We haven’t had a crazy amount of Mini Moas. It seems that the distribution is random to me.


We have seen a plethora of pets the last few days. The first few days we saw multiples a lot more often…a lot of Crabbie and Rocki. My guild has only seen mini Moa once though!

I’ve seen a pretty wide variety. Here’s what I think happens in the algorithm based on my tiny sample set:

I think every day, n pets are chosen from the pool. I’m not sure how big n is, but I suspect it’s 4 or 5 or something else reasonably small. All pets that day will come from the pool of n pets. I think every guild has a unique pool. It’s possible the game assigns a “rarity” to different ones in the pool.

I say this because it feels like I only see a small variety of pets every day, with quite a few duplicates. If the game were pulling from the pool of all pets every day, I don’t feel like I’d see so many duplicates unless the game’s RNG has a bias towards runs. But day-to-day, it seems the duplicates change.

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Im starting to think each guild has its own table of pets that are ultra common and a few rare ones.

For instance, my guild has only seen Twigant once and I was away when it happened. Meanwhile, I’ve made Magmapillar level 20 (when I want to) from just rescuing it so many times. My Feyrie is 4 away from the same treatment.

My 2nd rarest pet is Grimlet, but that’s shown up at least 3 times.


It’s all just human brains trying to find patterns in pure RNG.

If there were different rarities of pets, then we’d see a high frequency of certain pets being the “last few to get” from those who’re close to getting all 36. I’ve seen no evidence of that, and for every forum post saying “Where is Minishroom?” there’s a response saying “I’ve got Minishroom to legendary already”.

In terms of some limited pool selection making it more likely to have repeats of the same pet on the same day, I don’t believe that is the case either. Pure random means streakiness, and streakiness means repeats.

I had Hellpuppy three events in a row yesterday, but having that happen occasionally is perfectly consistent with a uniform, independent distribution of pets.


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I hadn’t actually seen Mini Moa that often. First pet event my guild triggered after I read this thread was…you guessed it…Mini Moa. I blame the OP.

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We had the other 35 before Mimi Moa showed up for us.

@MineralsMan :slight_smile:

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It would be nice if there were rarer pets with more decent buffs but I’m pretty sure all pets are equally random currently.

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