Thanks For The Headstart Feedback

Hello Adventurers,

Since 7.0 released we have run Headstart offers for all the different event types that have them. We have Headstart offers coming for World events in the 7.1 Update.

Thank you for your patience while we sorted out any problems with this new offer, and thank you the
feedback on how to improve the offers - we’ve taken a lot of that on board for the next round of offers
coming up.

We have also included our thanks in an in-game mail along with a few Gems to enjoy in the game.


Please confirm that this means the scoring in these events will start to be regular/consistent. Rather than situational depending on the event.
Otherwise, players won’t know what they are buying into since the offers are available prior to scoring being published and portals being disclosed.
World Events as they stand vary from requiring Tier 2 to Tier 5 done by 30 members to close all the portals.


Any other updates coming with 7.1 such as the ability to craft specific Gem Dragons hint, hint

I think we will be able to craft a new set of dragons before that.