Thank you Support

On behalf of Clan Danish Wikings I will thanks Gems Of War Support for helping out with a lost account of one of our members.

We posted a ticked while you had an announced bank holliday but eventhough you replied the day after.

Eventhough we didn’t sorted our issue out by your first reply your keept our ticked open and thanks to your staffmember Kafka whom continued to communicate with us doing his company mail he provieded us with enough information to sort this issue out.

As profession I am also a member of an IT support crew but in an different brance and I’ve learned alot from your way of handling and keeping a personal contact. I will bring this up on our fortcoming IT-Support meeting as a best practrice of performing support to out customers.

Your support stood out to be secound to none.

On behalf of Danish Wikings Thank you!

Best regards
Sentinel Henrik Malmvig
Danish Wikings

though seveal days


Thanks @Malmvig :slight_smile: I’m glad your Guild mate got the account back.


This is the most wholesome thing I’ve seen in ages.