Thank goodness they nerfed those Kerberos/Spider/Guardian teams

I’d like to point out that in “fixing” Devour, they’ve made that team Devour-proof as a side-effect.


You talking about barrier? any x4 gems with kraken will remove it in no time

Unfortunately not everyone has a fully traited Kraken. I guess this is where Artema’s dispel really becomes handy, if she manages to get an extra turn, that is.

i do not understand.

barrier is now immune against devour

yea, that part i understand. how does it make that team devour-proof?

cause they can get barrier with forest guardian, it’s not devour proof you just need a troop who hit everyone to remove it and bye bye barrier. krystanex or dragon soul are perfect for this

Or prevent FG from casting in the first place, which admittedly isn’t trivial since preventing the other three from casting is much more important.


I don’t consider this a problem. Plenty of ways to kill those Kerbies without relying on Devour. I usually find best to either run a loop team or employ mana drain. Khorvash works well.