Thank Goodness That's the Last Delve! (Poll)

How relieved are you that Fire Rift is the last Delve?

  • So relieved I slept for 16 hours!
  • Relieved enough to keep playing the game.
  • Relieved enough to reward myself with cake.
  • Meh.
  • There’ll always be something else to grind.
  • Dreading the next one they’re sure to add.
  • Still dozens to complete.
  • What’s a Delve?

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I still vaguely remember when Delves were fun…

More delves are absolutely coming. This is just the last one for already released kingdoms. Now, depending on how long it takes the devs to get together a full kingdom’s worth of new content for release, we may have a decently substantial break from delves.

Due to mentioning in the recent dev stream that new troops will be released for factions already released, I think we’ll start seeing stuff with that for the gaps in between new kingdom releases.


It will be interesting to see how new troops impact pure faction runs.


Need another one so I can get that additional +1 Magic…


When was that?
I remember the last time someone in guild chat talked about how much they enjoy the delves.
It happened… never.
But at least it’s not arena. People do talk about how much they hate & despise arena, and how they reroll any arena campaign task that comes, since the very first time.


Somebody should put up a poll: Do we want a celestial region? New kingdom to open up the map, Celestial Shards, new troops, weapons, mechanics, etc.

Delves are about the only halfway interesting feature in the game for me. It is something that involves a small amount of strategy (sometimes) … instead of a continuously increasing “pay to play higher levels with higher stats on both sides” which is totally stupid and I refuse. Its basically delves and guild wars. But only the less stupid delves. Sooooooo I’m running out of stuff to keep me here.


I was very happy to be able to say “Last one, for now!” to my husband (a former GoW player) :grinning:

I still have a few delves I don’t have at 2500 renown that I’m debating whether or not to attempt again. I’m thinking I might just leave them and see if devs come up with something to make it more achievable in the future.


There’s no reason each kingdom can’t have 2 delves. Who knows what the future holds.


There are a few I’m going to just let chill myself until A) new troops added to the faction make them more reasonable, B) delves are tweaked to allow Hero with the delve faction weapon/Class for Pure Faction, or C) Tuesday factions are changed to let you use potions starting from the progress you’ve made already. Otherwise I don’t see Labyrinth, Hellgate, etc. happening for me anytime soon.


Can’t wait for UnderUnderworld myself :laughing:


These ones I haven’t done yet. For the most part they can go to hell.

Mirrored Halls, Umbral Nexus and City of Thieves I know are “doable” at lvl100 but I can’t be bothered.

Fire Rift is TBD but not likely to be an issue. The rest I’ve done at faction lvl100.


I always have liked delves. I feel as though i’m only scratching the surface. Like for example, i didn’t know that you have to use all faction troops when running a pure delve to reap the benefits. For now, i am working on getting them all leveled to 100 & their quality levels to ten. Then i’ll work on PF’s :joy: . As for new content such as kingdoms & factions, i’m all for it…but can they keep the bugs at minimum is the real question :grimacing:

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I see quite the overlap there :joy: I still have Harpy PTSD from attempting it on release weekend :sob:

Delves were a good idea that were completely half assed, like many features in this game (looking at you pets)

How is it All Seeing Eye was the only 8 room faction?
How many factions had Common Rooms as an available choice?
What happened to any of the cool later rewards they said they could implement deeper into the delve completions?

A lot of the early delves had good memorable weapons paired with them. That fell apart halfway through.

Bet they aren’t even looking at how to improve the pure faction experience besides those Kingdom Level bonuses.

I’m ready for them to sweep delves under a rug and focus on a better part of the game.


And what part of the game would that be? I’m … legitimately struggling to figure that out.

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need potions so we can complete them

I love delves :heart:, I have all at 2500, I want more!

declining marginal utility i guess?

Ohh I just got shivers :grimacing::joy: