(Test Post) Joe's Weekly Weekend, 2/10 - 2/12



A decent night at work last night. Shortstaffed once again, with the boss having to help out, as well as a few other employees. Not a great night, but I’ve definitely had worse.

Did a GoW morning session, doing all the dailies as well as getting the Tower of Doom done (our guild is just about finished with this. Yaaaaay!). After all that, I got going on the godawful bounty event, which went pretty quick (I don’t use the “correct” team for this, instead using an improved one that kills quicker, but gives fewer bounty points. I wanna get this done sometime this morning). Did a bit of PvP, and called it good.


Joe’s Gems of War Stream, 2/11/2024

Fairly dead stream this morning. jayhotlaps came by right at the start, and we had a good chat for a while. djscrew361 also dropped by, but only for a hot minute (he had to go into town to get some food). He would come back later though. But the whole middle of the stream was dead as a doornail. And towards the end though people started showing up, the aforementioned Screw, as well as Delcun and erikonlinedarts. And Lmartyr also dropped by, but unfortunately not until just after I shut down the stream. :expressionless:

But otherwise, as for the session itself, it was the typical. Doing some PvP until the reset kicks in. After that, getting all the dailies done, followed by the bounty event. Once the bounty stuff was done, I went back into PvP, this time the old-school stuff. Another good time here, winning almost all my matches with my Queen & King team.

And later on after my nap I played some more Gems, working on some more PvP, trying to get my ranking up. Still in 3rd it seems. Crying foul on the #1 spot as well. Very suspicious when the top guy vastly outperforms the #2 spot. I see this crap all the time in the Pinball FX3 tournaments, where one or two guys’ high score is obscenely higher than everyone else’s, like:

But, yeah. Anyway, since I was on Pinball FX3 to make those screenshots I went ahead and played a bit. Ehhh…


Joe’s Gems of War Stream, 2/12/2024

A good GoW stream this morning, with all kinds of people coming by, djscrew361, Delcun, and erikonlinedarts hung out for a while. And Lmartyr would drop by later. And a new viewer named kf6dbs also came by. Seems he plays the game as well, possibly as long as Screw or Del (he sounded like he really knows his stuff). So, hoping to see more of him. :slightly_smiling_face:

But for the stream, it was the usual. Doing some PvP until the reset kicked in (I started my stream at midnight, about an hour before reset time), and then doing the dailies. Raid boss was next, eventually getting that completed (had to double up on the sigils towards the end so I’m still one-shotting the boss). After all that, it was right back into PvP, doing Central Spire for the rest of the session. All in all, a good stream. :grinning:

And after my nap I started watching a movie called Paprika. Only a few minutes in and I’m getting some real Everything Everywhere All at Once vibes off of this. But we’ll see how the rest of this movie turns out. Might play some more Gems later on as well, working on PvP most likely (my favorite game mode, in case anyone hasn’t noticed lol)

But otherwise, that’s gonna do it for me for now. I post blogs on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. And also, let me know how much you guys like/dislike this. Open to suggestions. :slightly_smiling_face: