Tesla team for new player?

I just got my first legendary, Tesla. What is the best way to use her? It looks like her bonuses are for mechs and from armor, is it worth building a team with her, Sparkgrinder, Tankbot 2000, hero mech class? I’m lvl67. My current cards that I have built around are Lady Sapphira or Valkyrie:

Sapphira - Hunter - Alchemist - Griffon knight
Hero - Alchemist - Valkyrie - Banshee
Warlock - Warlock - Valkyrie - Warlock

Thanks for your advice!

Try honor humility valk tesla

Welcome to the forum. Tesla is a pretty decent legendary troop. Look for units that boost Armour, and or do damage based on Armour. Paladin and Templar come to mind, for example.

Later on Queen Ysabel is a great one to pair with Tesla. If you’ve any Event keys throw them at chests this week as its Swords Edge week.

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Tesla is a one-woman army. Use with any troop that generates red or blue, fill her up, and destroy the other team.