Tesla needs magic in their spell

Please add some sort of magic boost to Tesla’s spell.

You keep introducing new additions to the game/they but fail to rectify their base cast which makes the additions make zero sense.

Exasperated further they’s kingdom being reworked and Tesla being boosted but not boosted with a minor magic addition.

(I did my best not to misgender the troop in fear of being banned from the Forums again because 2 times this year I’ve been banned and still have no idea why. :man_shrugging:)

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I will go out on a limb and say Tesla is a female. The hair, the facial features, the corsette-like attire… screams female to me.

I’ll take my ban now.

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Tesla’s first name is Alannah.

Tesla’s role is defined the way it is as a way of instructing the AI how to utilize the troop – e.g., when to cast the spell – and where to order it within the randomly generated Explore teams. All of this stuff used to be hidden “under the hood” away from any player notice until it became part of the Medal-ing system to improve troops; it’s only now that it has become a point of irritation for some players.

As for gender? The sound data certainly makes the troop sound “female”, but I’m inclined to think the actual answer is “androgynous”. For what little that’s worth, because it doesn’t really matter to me. And it’s not like we have troops that are explicitly better/worse against “male” or “female” troops.

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Tesla’s a great troop who makes my daily delves in Wyrmrun level 500 a breeze. I’d prefer she’s not interfered with. If she were changed so her damage became determined by her magic and her armour boost ratio reduced to “balance” it out, it’d be a heavy nerf to the troop.


Or she would work like Gards Avataar and be fine. The devs just buffed her so it wouldn’t make sense to do an actual nerf.

Like literally 1 true damage then boost. Not asking for the world here. Just want to make it so things make rational sense.

A lot of things happen here that don’t make sense. I agree that a magic boost would be nice, but I don’t want to risk them touching this troop. It won’t end well.


The pet seems fine - added life, attack and armor, great. Her/their spell doesn’t require magic, so don’t medal her/them and go on about your day. Nothing to see here. Let’s not draw any unwanted attention to sonething that works beautifully as is. :shushing_face:


Agree with what everyone has said about Tesla. Calm. Confident. Collected. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

To adjust her ability to better fit the mage troop type role, she would need to have that base 8 true scatter damage changed so that it is recognized as a magic stat number instead of a static damage number that is unaffected by leveling up or status conditions.

I would change her ability to this: deal [magic/2] +8 true scatter damage to all enemies, boosted by all ally and enemy armor. (with the lovely 3:1 boost ratio)

This change would help balance Tesla out in the early and late game, and many people would consider maxing out her elite level to make her even better. However, like many people have said, the developers would be bound to mess this up. They would probably give our lovely lady the old 4:1 boost ratio and ruin everything.:dizzy_face:

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I’m just remembering what happened with Sunspear when people said some of its talents were redundant because of its 3rd trait shudder


I dont think that 8 damage should be considered magic. I think one thing that makes her/him/it/they so useful is that magic steal has no effect and cannot weaken the card


Tesla is fine as is.


Makes her impervious to web, too.


Mind that opponents can sill Steal Magic* from Tesla to benefit themselves (e.g. Mind Eater, Xathenos), it just doesn’t affect Tesla’s damage.

*: Magic stat sourced from global bonuses (e.g. Kingdoms) or Elite Levels