Tesla, Human Adana

Hi, I traited Tesla on Ps4, and i wanted to let everyone know that her 2nd trait: Invention, gain 2armor on 4 or 5 gem matches; does not work whatsoever for me, and maybe others. Just putting this out here

@KronicMKV I believe it actually does work but it is just a display bug. Try casting her ability and I believe it shows the right value.


Tested on the X1
Tesla’s 2nd Trait ‘Invention’ has a display bug you don’t see the additional Armor when looking at the main screen. Only when selecting the troop to examine its details.

I’ll add this to the main thread of known issues for console.

Alright i got it, thanks.

FYI, this does not appear to be repro on the Unity beta. Tesla’s Armor seems to be correctly updating on 4+ gem matches.

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What?? Beta i need it!