Tesla has worthless Elite Upgrade

Tesla has the role Magician and gets only Magic on Elite Levels. Tesla’s spell doesn’t use Magic for the spell.


So very many troops have useless upgrades like that. Irksome.

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I believe its intentional, and part of a theme, as Nikola Tesla was a scientist who revolutionised electricity.


Yes, inconsistent. But please don’t “fix” it as Tesla works so beautifully now. :shushing_face:


The issue of Tesla being a mage has been discussed before. Yes, there is no “magic” stat that gets upgraded when leveling up the troop or medaling it, but this also means that Tesla cannot have her damage affected by web or even magic steal.

She is fine just the way she is. Makes explore 12’s, high level content and even dailies a breeze. And I honestly don’t trust the devs to “fix” her. They would most likely “break” her.:dizzy_face:


Webspinner is also a Mage. I would add that no one uses it for its spell and therefore should be changed to Warmaster Role (+6Attack, +6Life, +6Armor).