Terrorized by Tyrannical Tier ... Um ... Terror


Let me just go on record and say that my level of apathy toward my rank is so high as to approach infinity plus 2.

If I were ranked dead last in the system, I couldn’t care less. I mean that. It just does not matter to me. As long as I can donate to a guild and continue working on my troops, I am utterly impassive in this regard.

This is not false modesty, it is just my feeling about leaderboars in general. More power to those that enjoy them. I salute you. Truly. Yet, I am just not personally motivated by a leaderboard.

HOWEVER…and let me stress a big, insanely huge and massive (possibly muscular) BUT here…

I really want to hit Tier 1 weekly for the rewards. And the fact that all of this ranked …stuff… is preventing that or may continue to thwart this inalienable right of Krystara citizens in the future makes me the mayor of Crazy Town by a landslide victory.


So what do you think? Why am I here posting instead of popping a cap in the lower tiers? I keep winning and I keep staying at Rank 14. Now you might say, wait dude! It is going to be fixed. Well … maybe … but this new ranked focus has me worried. In fact, after running the “numbers” I had to take a personal moment (pictured below in spirit).

Now that I have blown off some steam (pun intended), it is time for threats. THREATS I TELL YOU.

Do you know what I am doing right now instead of playing Gems of War? Can you guess?

I thought you could. You guessed it: in order to avoid breaking out some heat-seeking Latin, drawing my sword, and rushing into the fray that for me shall always be remember as “2.0 Tier Taco Tuesday”, I have developed a technique that works for me–

I AM CRAFTING tiny freaking origami like voodoo dolls of certain programmers and sticking pins in them until I have regained some equanimity and my usual overweening aplomb.

BUT TAKE NOTE AND PHEAR! This is not an idle threat as I scream the words of power into the air: MARSHA, MARSHA, MARSHA!

I am pretty sure some of the devs are going to end up either stubbing their toes or … maybe even a having a case of indigestion–AFTER FEASTING ON MY SALTY, SALTY TEARS–primarily due to the evil doll with three red pins in the upper left hand corner. Next time, they might think twice before stealing my TIERS from me (pun intended).

;tldr man-feelings hurt, mayor of Crazy Town, now code named, “Princess.”


@Malkav, you’re my favoritest crazy person ever. Don’t ever change.

(totally agree on the sentiment, btw)


I’m right there with you, Malkav! I am not a happy camper about this new PVP system… at all. Like you, I couldn’t give a @!%$ about the leaderboard. But, I do want my (at least) Tier 5 rewards (They said Tier 5 is comparable to the old Rank 1.)

By the way, I’m a Louisiana native, I can help you out with those special dolls. :smirk_cat:


so agree . may be a touch crazy but in a good way :slight_smile:


I’ll hop on this bandwagon too. To go from 20-25 battles for Rank 1 to now needing to complete about 100? The game was enough of a grind and now the pvp system is the biggest grind of them all.

I would like to give the dev’s the time to do their job - and they will - to try to appease all of us but really!! :cry:


I agree with most of what you say.

I believe they do tons of testing though, before release. The differences between test environments and real world conditions happen. No matter how much money you spend on the test environment, it can’t match the conditions the community puts on it.


I know its been stated before but I think they should really let players do some free testing for them in future :slight_smile:
should be a win/win for all parties


It’s also a matter of scale, somethings just don’t occur in small groups, but when you throw tens of thousands of players at it then, and only then, do the cracks begin to show.

This is why a number of games do have a Public Test Server, it doesn’t catch all the issues, but it does help a little bit. However I’m not sure if our Devs have the capabilities to do something like that at the moment.


We should start a network. Of madness.

It’s fine if nobody else gets the joke.


I was wondering why they don’t have a beta program.


@Malkav I loved your post, made me lol. Once you calm down… :wink:
please feel free to join the conversation over at

Anybody else is welcome there as well. I think you will find several people of similar mindset, offering very calm, and feasible solutions to this issue. :wink:


Well, earlier today (really earlier) i was at Rank 11 because the system just decided to do so and i’ve started at rank 15 or something. Later i woke up to found out i’ve droped to rank 2045. :smile:
Anyway, i’ve kept to myself the prediction that this new ranking system would be just like that, a grinding sport. Played in the likehood of it on other games and i’m not surprised, or disappointed.

What kind of annoys me right now is that i’m getting gold keys instead of Glory ones, and the fact that i couldn’t get the new Mythic troop.


I hadn’t even noticed this! I’ve been so caught up on the TIER stuff… Did all the PvP key rewards become Gold??? :worried:


I was wondering why they gave out the weekly rewards mid-week before the patch, like, huh. That seems generous. If I rank up twice in one week that’s twice the rewards.

But now I kind of get it because Life At Tier 14 appears to be a thing. I’m just going to pretend the current weekly event is still on & not worry about cranking up my tier again for now.

I was cool with “Tier 5 is the new Rank 1” but at the moment Tier 5 seems awfully aspirational.


Yeah, but seems to be unintended, we should get glory keys not gold i think they stated that they will look into it.

Edit, here it is:
Tier rewards - gold keys

I’m still moving up on my tier, not wasting any time, because i think it’s simple to just add the glory keys i should earn later.


Is-is this an archer reference?


I am sure there will be many more adjustments of the numbers of points received or points needed for the tiers, in the end the Tier 5 is the new Rank 1 line will hold up.


I’ve got another post on this thread where I’m kind of enthusiastic about the new system. It works for me.


After 2.0 went live I admit that my reaction was a touch disconcerted.

I then hit the streets and began planning a peasant uprising including torches, pitchforks, and Canadians:



They have been like installing stealth blunts, man. Like seriously freaking rolled purple haze, man. I am talking some serious freaking ninja coding, some serious shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiips and dip in the background…

And I made Tier 1. Yes, that is right: me. I am tier 1 and I got the rewards, man … and like … colors … and I am just a little emotional right now, like … if you see a double rainbow man … it is … just wow.

So now I am going to virtual hug Sirran and the crew. I would have tried this on Nimhain, but I think she knows kung fu.


In conclusion, group hug:

I love everyone on the forum, except… you know THAT GUY…you all are awesome.


You mean um the guy with all the bugs?